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A1 Factory Ship (A.K.A Project Float)

The A1 Factory Ship uses a modified merchant freighter hull to make industry space designed as mobile factories. They each have two major production lines which when fitted differently can make anything from ammunition to infrastructure repair kits. They usually are used in out of combat resupplies or areas where a natural disaster has struck. Production speed is a large problem on the boat, as the factory can only run at certain speeds while in movement. It is powered off of three Massive VR 16 diesel engines with two 7500 liter tanks. Two are used to move the boat and one is to produce electricity for the boat. It posses crew lodging for 7500 people and the amenities to make everyone comfortable in the off-times. It possess fifty dual-50 cal. machine gun mounts around the ship and ten quad-barrel 20mm anti-air guns. It features light armoring of essential parts up to 15mm in thickness. There a nor A1's currently fielded due to the projects infancy but firm plans for construction have been made.