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A dark sun rises

Back to the future...

Talmyresenmyrox Shyryen
Divine Empire of Shyr

Imperial Banner

Imperial Motto
"By Light Darkness By Darkness Light"

Synergya Inc Motto
"The Dream of Tomorrow"

Synteca Advertising Theme

Official Languages

Parliamentary Democracy
Authoritarian-Corporate Police State
Semi-Automated Consumerist Society

☢ Echopalad (Prime Minister): LinkXida Sezaang (PSP)
☢ Talmyresenmyr (Emperor): LinkAzgorax VIII
☢ Ruling Faction: LinkPSP - Progressive Seyn Party
☢ Strongest Lobby: LinkSynergya Enterprises Inc
320,500,000,000 citizens
90,300,000,000 Synteca Droids

Sapient Species
LinkSynteca Droids
LinkTored Humanoids
☢ Territories: The Cerulane and Tordelia

The Old Talmyrox; A beastly newcomer in intergalactic politics of the previous era that shaped the east's geopolitics in unimaginable ways. To this day it remains the most rapidly expansive and threatening society to have ever existed in the history of the galaxy, as well as one of the most scientifically advanced ones to grace the stars - second only to the Pride of Tharr in that area. A society dedicated to the ever-growing consumerist demands of its populace and willing to satisfy its burgeoning population by any means; be it through unrestricted scientific progress, shaping the nature of planets or military expansion, the Old Talmyrox once threatened the geopolitical balance of the east and perhaps all of Hoshizora through its Grand Colonization Era, its Cybernexus and domineering ways in a period of only 180 years (and furthermore a stasis due to the brutal and total 1000-year long Anubite Wars).

A Sudden Rise: The Talmyresenmyrox was a side-effect and compromise of the First Ghashyr Civil War when the recently nascent species was ravaged by a cold war and colonial secessionist crisis between the Seyn Republic-supporting Colonies and the Shyr-based Taggaren Talmyrox: facing his realm's disintegration Talmyr Torax II accepted to hand over nearly all of his powers to the already existing elected parliament and total proportional representation to the colonies and their governments. The rapid liberalization of the economy from its originally quasi-statist model caused a technological boom that resulted in astonishing scientific inventions like the Cybernetic Nexus and the Synteca AI droids.
This change however had as an effect, besides the better representation of the colonies, the mantling of Ghashyr society by corporate lobbies and in particular that of the communications and cybernetics tech giant of Synergya Enterprises. Funded by an ever-richer consumer base, Synergya sought to ever-increase and ever-better its products in a never-ending cycle of demand and supply; with the creation of the Cybernexus all communications and power supply within the Ghashyr realm was faster and more abundant than ever, however it appeared to Synergya stockholders that this model would soon reach an end as the demand increased and the energy resources depleted. Thus they put forth Project Synteca and the creation of a carefully-planned automated luxurious and semi-static society maintained by them as its rightful rulers and providers.
Project Synteca sought the automation of the workforce and the transformation of the Ghashyr populace into the three Classes of Consumers, Administrators and Workers; Consumers would consume creating stable demand while also providing the less advantageous position of not having power or extreme wealth, while the Administrators would rule and expand the horizons of the species, living in rightful luxury. In the meanwhile the Workers would be the AI Helpers, the average Synteca Droid, supplemented only by the unruly and unwanted of the organic consumer class as punishment.
Not all went according to plan however, as the massive and rapid automation caught the -still unable to afford total consumerism or accept mediocrity- liberal Ghashyr society unready for it, leading to massive unemployment and a further need for jobs, resources and energy. This massive energy crisis threatened the very functionality of the Cybernexus and thus arose the need for more expansion which in turn caused even more need for energy, making the Talmyresenmyrox an expansive aggressive beast taking over swathes of ether and planets in Nebulaic space with each passing year. To combat the ever-increasing needs of its rapidly growing populace, the Synergya Lobby begun passing more authoritarian and anti-massive consumption laws but without success, leading to the final confrontation with the Anubites and the 1000-year long war that changed history forever in the east.

The Cybernexus: An interconnected massive and fragile information and energy diverting system and network that consisted of further private, public, academic, business, and government networks of planetary to galactic scope, linked by a broad array of ether-electronic, wireless networking pulsar technology. Through the Cybernexus, energy produced in Shyr or anywhere in the Talmyrox could be transferred in a matter of seconds anywhere through Pulsar frequencies, revolutionizing the energy industry. This of course created an ever-increasing massive demand for energy creation that was further burdened by the Synteca Droid Energy Network. The eventual information clot of the Cybernexus' Central Junction is seen as the indirect cause of death of more than 260 billion Ghashyr and other citizens of the Old Talmyrox and as the most devastating catastrophe in the East.
The legacy of the Cybernexus can be felt even to this day in the near-luddite and fiercely anti-digital society of the modern Ghashyr but also among most of the other species of the east who mistrust Artificial intelligence and rapid Digitization.