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Europe Summer Olympics 2021 - Home Page


Arriving soon, brought to you by the Commission, prepare to welcome the first European Summer Olympics!

Good day, nations of Europe! In anticipation for the Summer Olympics which will be held this coming July in Tokyo, our lovely region shall hold an Olympiad for itself, in which the best and brightest of our nation's athletes shall compete against one another on the glory of the world stage! The European Summer Olympics will open (hopefully) on July 1st, running throughout the month, with the closing ceremonies and final medal count taking place (probably) on August 1st. Refer back to this dispatch for future announcements that will be forthcoming for more information. You want to sign up, you say? Well continue reading to find out how we'll be doing it!

Bulletin II: Applying for the Olympic Games

Applications for entry into the first Europe Summer Olympics are now officially open. To apply, send the following application via telegram or Discord DM to Nardin. Applications will be accepted from June 14 to June 27.


- Full Nation Name
-Link to National Flag
- If non-WA nation, name of nation used in WA
- Choice of 10 individual events with advantage applied*
(ex. Men's 100m Freestyle, Women's Team Foil, etc.)
- Choice of 8 individual events with disadvantage applied*
(see above example)
- Note any events that your athletes will not participate in, if any

*Alternatively, if you have no preference which events to have advantage/disadvantage on, let me know and I will apply these randomly for you.

List of All Official Events

In total there are 12 sports, divided into 50 events.

Individual Target (Men/Women)

100m Freestyle (Men/Women)
200m Freestyle (Men/Women)
200m Butterfly (Men/Women)
4 x 100m Freestyle Relay (Men/Women)
10m Platform (Men/Women)

100m (Men/Women)
800m (Men/Women)
1,500m (Men/Women)
5,000m (Men/Women)
4 x 100m Relay (Men/Women)
100m Hurdles (Men/Women)
3,000m Steeplechase (Men/Women)

24-team tournament (Men/Women)

Kayak Four (K-4) 500m (Men/Women)

Individual Dressage
Individual Jumping

Individual Foil (Men/Women)
Team Foil (Men/Women)

Individual all-around competition (Men/Women)
Team competition (Men/Women)

Men's 12-team tournament
Women's 12-team tournament

Singles (Men/Women)
Doubles (Men/Women)

Individual competition (Men/Women)

12-team tournament (Men/Women)

Participating Nations

Bulletin I: Host City Contest and Applications

For every Olympics, a host city is needed to serve as the focal point for all events, giving the city and nation as a whole to show off and express themselves, and also to give the rest of the world a taste of their cultures and ideas. While the games will be run and overseen by the Olympic Commission, the prestige of serving as the location of the first European Summer Olympics is still up in the air for the taking! As such, a contest to decide the host city begins now, with applications being accepted from June 11th until June 21st. If you decide to nominate one of your cities for the contest, follow the application directions below. Take your time creating a quality application for the city of your choice; this includes the motto of the games, meant to encapsulate the spirit the event will convey, as well as the official logo to be used. You may also create a factbook for your nominee city; while this is not a requirement, it may help convince other nations to vote for your entry.

All applications will be considered carefully by Olympic Commissioners Nardin, Rivierenland, and Apabeossie. The best applications (number depending on amount of entries) will be voted on by all Olympic participant nations. The application to play in the games themselves will be released soon. Stand by for future updates to this.


- Nation Name
- Host City Nominee
- Motto for the 1st Summer Olympiad
- Logo for the 1st Summer Olympiad

*Requirements: must be a resident in Europe; must be in the WA; telegram application to Nardin
**Note: This is NOT the application to sign up for the games themselves; a separate application form will be released soon. Only apply to this contest if you wish to have your nation host the Olympics

Host City Nominees


City Nominee



Berlin and Hanover


Einheit Durch Vielfalt (Unity through Diversity)




Forwards Together



La Bahía

Son las olimpiadas con las que siempre has soñado




Onwards to Glory