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Declaration on the state of relations between Judaea and Egypt


OBSERVING the declining state of relations between Judaea-Samaria and Futurist Egypt,

KNOWING that the Edomite community has begun an open rebellion against the Judaean government,

HORRIFIED that at least 80% of Jews in Edom have been killed or forced to flee to Judaea proper,

DISGUSTED that Judaean forces have invaded the Republic of the Sinai without provocation,

DISTURBED that Judaea-Samaria has begun shelling the Suez Canal, the beating heart of world trade and the territory of Egypt,

ALSO DISTURBED at Egypt's allying with the Edomite revolutionaries who have caused Jews in Edom to flee to Judaea or have killed them,

NOTING Judaea-Samaria's recent withdrawal from the Cairo Convention, a convention which was designed to protect international rights of nations,

FURTHER NOTING that Judaea-Samaria has violated the Cairo Convention twice before these events unfolded, first in the military's firing on Edomite civilians in riots by Edomite secessionists and second in annexing the Sinai Republic,


  1. The Judaean government has committed numerous reprehensible acts in the recent week,

  2. That there is no justification for these actions and that they must not go unpunished;

  3. That the Egyptian government has also committed several reprehensible acts, including, but not limited to:

    1. Support for Edomite rebels who have caused 80% of Jews in Edom to flee to Judaea or killed them,

    2. Resorting to armed response to Judaean actions which should have been solved peacefully, and

    3. Declaring war on Judaea upon the death and subsequent mourning of the late King Yo'av,

  4. That both sides should be punished for their reprehensible actions, and that

  5. A peaceful solution must be found before more lives are lost.


HM King Henry I of Lagerdhir

HRH Crown Princess Femke of Lagerdhir, Princess of Orange

The Hon. Daniel MacArthur, PM, MP, PC, PhD

The Hon. Abraham Cohen, MP, PC, PhD

The Hon. James McEoin, MP, PC

HRH Prince Daniel of Lagerdhir, Prince of The Coille

And many others

The Kingdom of Lagerdhir