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An Introduction

The Federal Imperium of New Goldman




Federal Imperium of New Goldman
Federacia Imperiumo de Nova Goldman (Speranto)


Coat of Arms

Motto: "Kiu Kuraĝas Venkas"
"Who Dares Wins"

Anthem: (Niaj Viroj Marŝas)
LinkOur Men Are Marching On

Map of the Imperium, along with neighboring states, as of 2221.
(LinkFull sized map here)

and largest city


Official Language
and national language

English (Official)

Official Religion:

Cult of Norton


Federal semi-constitutional monarchy


Norton II


Boris Johnson

High Priest:

Michael The Confessor


Federal Congress


The Great War

Tago de Apero

Imperium Declared

Goldman-Yorker War

Treaty of Nortonia

Norton I's Death

October 23 2077

January 1 2102

July 4 2120

December 4 2135 - February 17 2141

February 25 2141

September 7 2180


13 Regions + 1 Capital Region


1,450,000 (2160 census)


Goldman Dollar


The Federal Imperium of New Goldman, commonly known as New Goldman (N.G. or NG) or Goldman, is a country primarily located in North America, more specifically the East Coast of what was once the country of the LinkUnited States. It consists of 13 main regions, known as "Commonwealths", and a federal district (District of Nortonia). Stretching from the Appalachian Mountains that bounds its western borders all the way to the Atlantic Ocean to the east, it is the fourth largest nation in the East Coast in terms of area. With a population of 1,400,000 people, it is one of the most populous post Great War nations in the American Wasteland. The national capital is Nortonia, and the most populous city is Philadelphia. Being ranked by the Wasteland Tech Index as a Tier 3 (Early 21st Century) nation, it is one of the most advanced civilizations in the known post-war world.

Born from the remnants of the Federal Government, the national administration of the former United States of America, starting around 2078 (at least a year after the Great War of 2077), its system of governance is similar in many respects to the pre-war country, except that it is a constitutional monarchy operating under a Federal system of power distribution. The forerunner of the now Nortonian lineage is notably the last President of the United States, known by the name of Spencer Goldman, before the nuclear war, who had fled to secret underground fallout shelters along with his closest advisors built in the event of a total world apocalypse. After hiding for 43 years below the surface, the remnants of the government emerged to the surface for the first time on January 1 2102 once it was clear that radiation levels had subsided to acceptable levels. This is now known as the Tago de Apero, or "Day of Appearance" in Speranto.

Ever since the days leading up to the event of October 23 2077, the nation was secretly run by a group of military officials and politicians, known as "The Council", formed in desperation by President Goldman due to the precarious internal situation the United States was in at the height of the Sino-American War, which itself was damaging the American economy alongside the failing global economy, which in turn was affecting the people who were now rioting for simple needs like food and water. Since the pre-war population was mostly killed by the apocalypse, it was decided that the system is to be continued for the remnants to have a centralized command structure. The post of "President" was renamed to Estro ("Chief" in Speranto), and was given powerful authority in the new post-war administration. Esperanto, now popularly named "Speranto", was adopted as a second language as most of the members knew how to speak it fluently.

President Goldman died in September 2120, aged 91, due to a recently unknown form of lung cancer. He was succeeded by his adopted son, Jack Norton, who was slated to succeed him to the position. Jack was only 28 when he assumed the office. He would become the founder of the Nortonian lineage. An obsessed sympathizer of the Royalist Faction of the government, his first act was to officially declare himself a monarch of the wasteland. He renamed himself as "Norton I", which would become the namesake of the bloodline. Due to himself still respecting his father and his ways of governance, he declared the Imperium in honor of the late President, even going so far as to declare its namesake of the Imperium after his parent. The state was reorganized into a "Federal Imperium", which bares federal system of governance when it comes to individual regions but overall power rests in the hands
of the Chief.

On August 3 2133, first contact with other self declared post-war governments was announced for the first time as Goldmanian scouts met up with a squad of soldiers from the Empire of York, an absolute monarchy located in what was the former state of New York. They were taken to meet the King of York then, James II, to establish diplomatic relations. Other nations of the wasteland were also met around the same time, like the Tsar's Legion and the Golden Brotherhood. While engagements between the governments were friendly for the most par, the need of more supplies and profit to pay workers and employees in their respective governments eclipsed the formed bond. Trade disputes broke out between the Yorkers and the Goldmanians. These would come down to a confrontation when Federal forces engaged the Imperial Army of York on the northern border of the Commonwealth of Jersey on December 4 2135, which would spark the Goldman-Yorker War, the first known widespread armed conflict since the Great War.

The conflict would last 6 years, with many soldiers dying on the battlefield. No winner emerged as the war was mostly back and forth raids by the nations' armies, although the Yorkers were reported to have lost more soldiers than New Goldman. With no point of continuation and the fact lives were being taken away for nothing, the Treaty of Nortonia was signed in February 2141, ending the war. Over 20,000 soldiers were confirmed dead, with thousands more wounded and displaced from their home regions. Peace would substantially returned overtime, although a mutual public distrust of Yorkers would arise, which remains to this day.

Norton I would die on September 7 2180, aged 88. His son, Harry Norton, would succeed him to the office at age 32. He was given the title of "Norton II", and continues to rule the Federal Imperium to this day. Harry's own son, Michael, is slated to succeed him once he dies.

The American Wasteland is an unforgiving place. Monsters formed from the nuclear apocalypse roam the remains of once great cities and monuments, and civilization, while somewhat recovering to an extent, is now a shadow of the once glorious country during the pre-war years. While caught in a rock and a hard place, the people of New Goldman are united into one and are ready to face the future, together. Under the leadership and guidance of the Chief, the people can do anything.
United we stand with our motto: Kiu Kuraĝas Venkas. Who Dares Wins.

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