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The Union of Forest (UoF): A New Venture in the IC Gameplay of Forest

Today, June 8th 2021, on the anniversary of Forest's refounding 14 years ago, the Lore Ministry and the Government of Forest are pleased to announce a new venture in the in-character dynamics of the region of Forest, the Union of Forest.

The Union of Forest will be an in-character transnational union and alliance between Forestian states. The Union of Forest will aim to provide more political and economic unity between Forestian nations, and to provide more opportunities and lore for roleplay and worldbuilding. The basic structure of the Union of Forest will be similar to the real-world European Union, being a political and economic union between nations with some moderate legislative abilities. Previously, there has never been any real sort of in-character unifying factor between Forestian stages other than being located on the same planet, but now with the Union of Forest there will actually be a common organization for Forestian nations to participate in and communicate through.

Membership in the Union of Forest will be open to any nation that a) is in the OOC region of Forest, b) is exclusively on the Forest map and in the Forest world, and c) is willing to slightly adapt their own nation when needed to fit into the united Forest world, though of course we will try to void doing this when possible. Membership in the Union of Forest is completely optional and will not be required in any way, and you may choose to leave it at any time. In order to join, your nation must be exclusively located within the Forest world, meaning your nation cannot be an alternate-Earth nation, and they cannot be located on another planet. Your nation must be mostly human to join (though some exceptions can be made), and it must be mostly Modern Tech (MT), though some moderately PMT technologies are allowed, such as advanced AI or efficient renewable energies or VAT cloning or CRISPr software. Although membership in the Union of Forest may require some very minor changes, in general we will try as hard as possible not to railroad your nation or change your long-standing lore. If you want to join the Union of Forest but do not meet these criteria, you may choose to have multiple separate canons for your nation, so that in one canon you fit the Union of Forest criteria, while in another canon you can keep your original lore.

The Union of Forest will also include a few associate bodies, in a similar way to how the European Union also includes the Schengen Zone and the European Economic Area. We are proud to also announce today the first three of these associate bodies, namely, the Forest GROVE, the Forest ROOT, and the Forest LEAF.

The Forest GROVE (Greater Regional Organization for Visaless Entry) will be a visa-free, passport-free, open-borders zone within Forest. Contrary to what the name may suggest, not only will the Forest GROVE be visa-free, it will also be completely open-borders, with no sort of border checkpoints and with citizens of GROVE member nations able to simply walk across the border into other GROVE member states. Forest GROVE membership will be open to any nation in Forest, even if they are not a member of the Union of Forest or not on the regional map, hence the word ďGreater RegionalĒ in the name. The Forest GROVE will be in effect quite similar to the Schengen Zone in the EU. Membership in the GROVE is not required for Union of Forest member states, but of course it is encouraged to provide for easy travel and transport.

The Forest ROOT (Regional Organization for Open Trade) will be a free-trade and common-market zone that members of the Union of Forest may choose to join. Being a free-trade zone, it means that there will be no additional tariffs or quotas for products simply because they are from foreign nations. Being a common-market, this means that there will be mostly free movement of goods and services across member states. One important thing to remember is that this is a common-market, not a single-market, meaning certain barriers to free trade will still be permitted, and each nation will still have their own national economy, itís just that these national economies will be closer-knit and easier to trade between. Like any of the other bodies we are creating, membership in the Forest ROOT will be purely optional. However, in order to join the Forest ROOT, your nation must first be a member of the Union of Forest. The Forest ROOT nations may also work together to eliminate certain undesirable products, such as ivory or blood diamonds, and to eliminate industrial practices that are a threat to the environment or human rights, but only at the agreement of all member nations.

Finally, the Forest LEAF (Legal Environmental Action Force) will be an organization of lawyers, policy-makers, and police meant to protect the environment in member nations. Their job is to take polluters to court, craft recommendations for possible environmental legislation that member states may choose to adopt, and police the Uncharted Wilderness to make sure that the environment there is not being harmed. They also will patrol the Errinundera National Park as well. Membership in LEAF is again not necessary, nor do member nations need to follow any policy recommendations drafted by LEAF. Member nations may leave or join at any time, and any nation that is already a member of the Union of Forest may join.

In order to join the Union of Forest and its associate bodies, please telegram me (Middle Barael) with the following information:
Section 1 -- Basic IC information:
Nationís IC name:
Nationís IC name (with IC pretitle):
Nationís IC Head of State:
Nationís IC Head of Government:
Nationís IC delegate to the [insert body here]:
Nationís IC capital city:
Nationís IC currency:
Nationís IC population:

Section 2 -- Which bodies do you wish to join:
Do you wish to join the Union of Forest?
Do you wish to join the Forest GROVE?
Do you wish to join the Forest ROOT?
Do you wish to join the Forest LEAF?

Section 3 -- Other important information:
Is your nation currently located on any of the official Forest maps?
What is your nationís political system?
What is your nationís economic system?
Would you be interested in joining any upcoming RPs?
Are you going to be using your main canon for these bodies?