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Caer Sidi Broadcasting Service (Volume 11)

June '21
Volume Eleven

The Caer Sidi Broadcasting Service
The Official Newsletter of Caer Sidi

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Return to schedule - Peaches becomes Taoiseach
by Kresh Nagar

After a five-day standing period, Peaches ascended to the position of Taoiseach on the 5th of May, replacing temporary Taoiseach Loller KM Corleone. The new Taoiseach had run unopposed and was therefore immediately granted the office, without an election taking place.

In the customary statement announcing his cabinet, Peaches declared his intention to continue the path that last terms administration had embarked upon. This is reflected in his choice of executive, retaining Krytore, Mzeusia and Tenurium in their positions as Co-Ministers of Cultural Affairs and Minister of Communication respectively and returning Loller to the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs, which he had previously held under Taoiseach Jaytilla before stepping up as Taoiseach following the formers resignation. Icarus KM Corleone was promoted to fill Peaches former role as Tanaiste.

Adapt and Overcome Election Reforms Act
by Kresh Nagar

The Oireachtas has passed the Elections Reforms Act 2021 on the 27th of May. This piece of legislation is a direct response to the observations made in the wake of the resignation of previous Taoiseach Jaytilla.

The Act sets the minimum and maximum duration of the standing period to 2 and 5 days before a by-election, respectively, officially differentiating it from the limits set for regular elections.

It also introduces a new clause stating that any Taoiseach wishing to resign is to designate a acting Taoiseach from the members of their cabinet to govern the region in their place until a by-election can be organized.
These new regulations are intended to minimize the time the region spends without a democratically legitimized Head of Executive, and to maintain the structure of the executive until the end of the by-election.

Summer festivities with Thegye!
by LollerLand

In a bid to build to closer ties and strengthen their bond as embassy regions, Caer Sidi and Thegye organised 'The Summer Festival', consisting mainly of an art contest and a tourney.

The Art Contest saw submissions made by Mzeusia, Lil La Luna and Icarus of Caer Sidi along with Noyistain and Razden of Thegye. The submissions were voted upon by members of each region's discord server. Each voter could vote for two of their favourite art pieces. The poem wrote and submitted by Mzeusia came ahead of others in voting, amassing a total of 12 votes.

The tourney, run by Bassiliya of Thegye, is a winner takes all events where characters created by the participants duels against each other in a series of simulated tournaments to find the last warrior standing. Razden of Thegye became the victor of the tourney while Peaches became the victor in the losers' bracket. Both of them will have the privilege of being able to use the same characters for the next tourney, whenever that may be.

A wonderous time the Festival of Fantasia
by Kresh Nagar

On the 26th of May, the Festival of Fantasia, a Disney themed event organized in cooperation by Osiris and Caer Sidi opened its gates to visitors.

Properly beginning on the 27th and lasting until the 30th, the event opened with a music night on the first day, following with games nights on the second and fourth days.

The festival also featured an ongoing popularity contest/counting game for Disney Villains, with Sheev Palpatine ultimately coming out on top, having been awarded 116 points by his adoring fans. Questions and Discussions relating to Disney movies also occurred throughout the event.

Treaty of Lancaster: Cooperation with the land where the sun never sets
by Pythagorean Triplets

At the end of the Month of May, Caer Sidi signed a cooperation treaty with the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom (commonly known as NSUK) is the largest British themed region in the Nationstates multiverse. Just like Caer Sidis treaties with the regions of Lazarus, Karma, Hartfelden and Europeia, the NSUK proposed having a cooperation treaty with the region.

The treaty ensures that both regions would cooperate in various sectors and boost activity in both the regions. It guarantees mutual military support in times of emergency and at the required period. The treaty also contains a segment on the planning of inter-regional events which have the potential to boost the activity in both the respective regions and improve relations.
It was made possible by the extended period of good relations between the two regions and brought about through close cooperation between the two regional governments.

The treaty was put forward in the Oireachtas, Caer Sidis legislature for discussion on the 27th of May, where it received the support of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Loller KM Corleone, Tanaiste Icarus as well as Queen Anya Moreaux. No objections to its contents were raised.
Voting began on the 30th of May, and lasted 48 hours. The treaty was passed unanimously and granted royal assent on the 1st of June. The treaty was ratified by NSUK on the 3rd of June, officially taking effect from then out

Maple's Maybe Random Thoughts
by Eareamland

I dunno if I should call this big or small news.

I am trans.
I decided to dedicate the article today to coming out as trans.
Recently (I mean since 5 weeks ago or even more), I started questioning my gender,
and, while talking to my sister, we figured out that I'm Transgender.
I really have no idea what else to say, I had no idea for an article today, and the only thing
bugging my mind for those 5 or so weeks was the fact I'm trans. Thanks for supporting me, and being an awesome community, CS.

Ask Aynia Anything
by Aynia Moreaux

1. Hello to you Aynia, it has been a pleasure to be in this region I can assure you! To put it simply, as I have found out in the past weeks, the place is truly so friendly, chill and welcoming!

I believe that I have two questions that I could ask, just to get to know this place even better: So, the official focus of Caer Sidi in terms of it being a region of NationStates basically means that it has to tackle the created politics of the website, interact with other regions and the such... Well, perhaps one could summarise the current 'international' climate of Caer Sidi to a person whom doesn't really delve too deep into it? What regions is Caer Sidi friendly with, what regions do they rival?
Also, is Caer Sidi known for performing acts of interventionalism, such as subterfuge or even coups?

Firstly, thank you so much and it makes my heart happy that you've found Caer to be such an awesome place! We have the best people that make up the community and I'm forever grateful for all of them who make CS what it is. Big Grin

Hmmm... How can I describe CS on the world stage? We're pretty neutral, and I think we're known as pretty welcoming and wholesome. We really don't have any rivals or enemies at all. We've never been to war with anyone or taken part in any wars. Our military is independent, so we defend when we feel there's the need for it, and we raid when we feel there's a need for it. I feel that we've built ourselves a pretty good reputation. And that reputation has largely been built by our amazing government members over the past four years, who've dedicated a lot of time into foreign relations and fostering good relationships. As far as subterfuge and coups, we're not into that. Honestly that's something that as head of the region I would not allow. I don't support spying on other regions. I don't see the point of it. I also would very rarely support the coup of a legitimate government, though there are exceptions, a la NPO. If it were our ally, CS would be dedicated to helping them preserve their legitimate and established government.

2. What does Caer Sidi have planned for the future of RP, Canon or Non-Canon? Any large events, plans of reformation or the such?

AS far as non canon role play goes, that's anyone's game. I don't personally have the time to gm any role plays myself, but other people are free to create their own role plays providing they meet criteria. Canon wise, we're going pretty slow. I'm still on hiatus between work and school and rl stuff, so I largely have stepped back from the role play, although I might try and visit it every few weeks. It will go somewhere once Stefan and myself have some more time on our hands though, so hang with us! Our focus is on the war at the moment and moving troops into position and getting everyone set up. Once that happens and we get everyone one the board, so to speak, we can actually get into the meat and potatoes of the war going on.

Thank you for your attention, and perhaps even answer(s)! I really do enjoy the region, perhaps you can convince me to move my main nation into CS in due time, I've been considering it!

*offers cookies and various desserts as a terribly obvious bribe*

3. Has Carrot been released from his tower yet, and if not yet, when will that happen, if ever?

Carrot is still waiting in Chail, but Aynia is on her way with her Royal Guard! So it won't be long until she gets there and the plot can continue.

Celebrating Caer
by Queen Aynia Moreaux

Hello there!

Caer Sidi has made it to four whole years old! When I was making CS way back when, I had no idea whether it was even going to establish itself for a year, much less four. It's a little amazing to me when I really think about it how far the community has come. Because I don't really think about it as a region anymore. I mean I pay attention to regional things, and we have the NationStates side of things, but Caer Sidi itself at it's core, is about it's community. I really believe that our community is what makes us so amazing. We have some of the most welcoming, friendly, charming, hilarious, smartest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know. There's real friendship in the community and fostering a sense of belonging. We want you to feel included and free to be yourself, and I think that's the real beauty of it. So as a founder and regional leader, I want to just take a moment to thank everyone who's helped us get this far.

I want to thank Lynxi for partnering up with me to make this awesome place. Without her and her awesome brain half this stuff wouldn't exist. I don't think I'd have been able to do it on my own. To our original admin team that helped build the foundations of the region, to our earliest citizens and earliest World Assembly Delegate and Orator, Freddie, who laid the groundwork for a lot of our legislature. I'd like to thank Ro for taking the mantle of Winter King and co founder for the time that you did, as well as your work as Oracle afterwards. I'd like to thank my current admins for all the work they've put in, I know the job isn't always easy. I'd like to thank Cara/Morgyn for their work as Orator, you've been chugging along and doing great! I'd like to thank Stefan for his work as Oracle and the amazing work he's put into our canon role play. Bless. I'd like to thank Kari for her work as Head Game Master, because game nights have always been an important part of the community. I'd also like to thank all our government members who've helped build and shape the region, the ministry volunteers, our military members, Wyv and Loller for your work as military leaders, our foreign diplomats for being our friends, and most of all, just all of you together who make up the community. Last but not least, I want to thank Carrot. You've been a great friend and a good ear through ups and downs, and you've helped me to maybe quit being so soft and just a little bit more assertive. You know I'd lose my marbles if you weren't around to play team dad and hold down the fort with me.

You all have a special place in my heart and I feel honoured to call so many of you friends. And to those who I don't know that well, hop into CS and join in the conversation, I'd love to get to know you!

For this special occasion I'd also like to do a brief synopsis of Caer Sidi's history.

The Beginning

After leaving Arda, I floated around for a while without any home region, simply being a Cosmo and chatting with people here and there. I think after about 4 months of that I started itching to find another place to call home. I'd been sitting on the region Glitter for a while and wanted to do something with it, so Lynxi and I eventually decided we were going to found our own region, Glitter. We got an admin team together, made the discord and started work on the forums and then we stopped and thought to ourselves, how are we going to market this? How are we realistically going to build a community around glitter, and is this really the route we wanted to take? Ultimately we decided to scrap the glitter idea. We had too many homebrew ideas of our own and it made more sense to completely make a new region from scratch.

We thought about what kinds of regions were out there and what was missing, and medieval high fantasy role play was one, and Gaelic lore and culture was another. We decided to combine these things and eventually settled on the name Caer Sidi. We set to writing the constitution as we wrote the grand history, and really incorporated the role play throughout the region. It was a lot to take on and we gave ourselves some pretty tight deadlines, but we were both committed. Eventually lore was written out and an initial constitution was drafted. The region had no executive head, only elected departmental ministers. Our legislature consisted of two houses, House Baile for roleplay legislation and House Roayl for regional legislation. Our WAD Act didn't exist at the time so our delegate position went to anyone who had the most endorsements.

The Middle

After we opened the region to the public we were met with a lot of love and curiosity. People were interested in what we were doing and our friends in the game were super supportive of us, making our entrance into the world almost effortless. The government and constitution began to be shaped by the citizens, with new structure and an executive head, originally the Warden, now the Taoiseach, was formed. House Baile went and came back again, and we introduced more and more volunteer ministries. Eventually Lynxi went onto lead our first army, The Shining Host. It was basically the same as The Autumnal Court is now, TAC is really just reskinned off of TSH. We did quite a few ops and the region did well, going on a pretty upward curve and easily reaching over 100 nations by our first two months. After a little over a year if I am remembering correctly, Lynxi stepped down as co-founder and Winter Queen in order to pursue real life things, and the mantle of co-founder and Winter King fell to Roran. I'd say that Ro did a great job. He put a lot of focus onto our role play, further fleshing out our lore and culture and generally just being involved. This allowed me to focus more on the government and game play side of things, and I feel like we struck a real balance and worked well together. Unfortunately real life responsibilities eventually called Ro as well, and he stepped down as Winter King after about a year.

Getting a Little Closer to Present Day

Carrot and I were pretty newly NS married at that point but we'd made a great team, and I decided that I could take a bit of a drastic action and solve our missing Diarch issue as well as restructure the Interior Council. I made a Royal Order declaring that the constitution shall be changed to a Constitutional Monarchy, led by the Seasonal Queen and appointed a Regent, which naturally went to Carrot. This gave me a second in command and allowed me to take sole foundership over the region, abolishing our Diarchy and instituting a Monarchy in it's place. I also restructured the Interior Council, shuffling our admin team as well as made Carrot my second in command administrator. I felt like it was a refresh that Caer needed and let me just take the reigns because at that time, there was nobody willing to take on the responsibility, and I was extremely picky about who would be able to take it. It was also somewhere around this time that we revived our military under the new name and branding of The Autumnal Court. Wyvern did a great job getting it off the ground, and has since handed it over to Loller, who has been doing amazing with it.

Present Day

Present day is well, CS as you know it today. Our lore is as fleshed out as it ever has been, our government is ticking like clockwork, and we've got friends in high and low places rounded out by one of the most wholesome communities I know. We're not perfect, we've still got some stuff to work on, like my time management skills, but I'm really proud of how far we've come. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. Have a great evening.

A poem
by Mzeusia

A Tribute to Summer

See them there, the birds who fly?
Swift and gentle on a stirring breeze

See the hedges that rustle so
And the morning sun that shines

Rise with it, my sweetest child,
And go to the window there

The stream is awaiting your splash
The fruits are on the tree

See those clouds above?
They are white and pure and hold no rain

Pay no mind to tomorrow
For summer is your today

Make no worried faces now
For summer is here to stay

Citizen of the Month: GrangerAirstrike/Hyrule
by Taoiseach Wolvilan

Although Hyrule joined Caer Sidi only recently, they have quickly become one of the most active and productive citizens of the region. They are a constant presence in our Discord server and also has become a star member of our recruitment team. They are also a talented roleplayer and has helped breath some fresh air into our roleplay section.

Hyrule is a great asset to the region and we are glad that we have them with us.

Our Team

Tenurium (Kresh Nagar)

Loller Kingsmoreaux Corleone (LollerLand)

Maple/CanadianMaps (Eareamland)

Mzeusia (Mzeusia)

P3S (Pythagorean Triplets)

Aynia Moreaux (Aynia Moreaux)

Want to become a journalist for Caer Sidi Broadcasting Service? That's wonderful and we would love to have you as a part of our team! Telegram Kresh Nagar or DM Tenurium#5264 on LinkDiscord for more details!