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Embassy Treaty of Crossoveria and GJK

Nation Information

Nation Name:Gray Jedi Knights
Capitol: Ambesian Moon
Language: Stewjoni
Government Type: Theocratic United Kingdom(Consitutional)
Head of State: Felioppe Liau
Head of Government: Posti A'Lokhur
Head of Foreign Affairs: Reneld Tuatar
Head of Military: Uwi Axalat'Ł
National anthem: LinkStand United
National march: LinkMarch of Gray Jedi
Is your nation in support of Islamophobia Y/N: N
If so, Why?: ----
Is your nation considered Liberal or Conservative: Slightly conservative
Any other information about nation: ????

Ambassador/Diplomat Information

Name: Assira Fiqall
Apperance (can describe or use images):

Age: 51
Race: Ailossi
Gender: Female
Language: Stewjonian Crait creole, English, German and Stewjoni
Family: Posti A'Lokhur(Cousin In-law)
Health issues: Difficulty with running(compensated by flying), dust allergy and slight astma
Dietary issues: Cant eat seafood
Religion: Craitish Grey Jedi
Has served in the military Y/N: N
Highest level of education, and what school: Lawyer and Doctor of Natural Knowledge and Chemistry, studied on Grand university of Naboo
Background: Royal-like,(but compassionate to all)
Crimes (if committed): Overreaching the speed limit (2x), parking wrong(3x)
Magic user: (If force medtiation included) Yes.
Alchemist: Kind of?
Extra info:???
Additional staff:???
Vehicles to declare: [url=[/url], LinkPhillio XII
Anything else to declare: Ailossi live up to 200 yrs
Anything else needing to be taken care of:
Concerns: Astraphobia and Claustrophobia


Head of Security: Valar Quendi
Appearance (can describe or use image):

Military rank (if applicable): Sergeant Major
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Background: Formal Rural
Additional staff:----
Weapons declared: LinkArctic Kalli Lightsaber
Vehicles declared: LinkU-Wing, LinkVentaspeeder IX
Extra info:_______

Embassy Information:

Location of Embassy: Heffley
Building style: Sustainable+ Modern
City blocks (from ľ-1 block(s)): 3/5 of a block
Building design (if possible):

Extra Info: Name of the building= Sind tower

Other important information

Do you support Crossoveria and itís supreme leader: Yes
Do you swear to obey Crossoverian Law: Yes
Do you swear to protect Muslims and Islam as a whole: Yes(If a terrorist situation happens, we will argue that not all muslims are like that etc.)
Do you swear to protect Crossoveria's allies: Yes
How will your country help Crossoveria:

  • [] Military Cooperation

  • [Y] Tourism

  • [Y] Trade

  • [Y] Research

  • [Y] Alliance

  • [] Others (Please List):

Will you help Crossoveria in all matters of foreign affairs: Yes
Do you wish for us to open up an embassy in your country: Yes

By opening an embassy, I agree to all the terms and conditions set by the Embassy Application Program. All you have given us must be truthful and any lies on the application will be met with severe consequences(unless itís a mistake)

Head of State: Felliope Liau
Head of Government: Posti A'lokhur
Foreign Minister: Reneld Tuatar
Military Commander: Uwi Axalat'Ł
Ambassador: Assira Fiqall