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Layem Times Issue 33

[box][align=center][font=cambria][size=140]Wednesday, April 7th, 2021 - - - [region]Confederacy of Layem[/region][/size][/font][/align][/box]

[box][background-block=green][b][size=300][colour=white][font=cambria]Table of Contents[/font][/size][/b][/colour][/background-block][font=cambria][size=180][anchor=1][/anchor]
[url=#1]Table of Contents[/url]
[url=#2]Section: Election Special Report[/url]
[url=#3]The 10th Layemese Election - Results and Analysis by [nation]Baaas[/nation][/url]
[url=#4]Interview with Newly-elected Chief Minister Mauroa by [nation]Baaas[/nation][/url]
[url=#5]Section: Columns[/url]
[url=#6]Diplomatic Update #1 by [nation]Hualonia[/nation][/url]
[url=#7]Section: Sports & Games[/url]
[url=#8]RP Update by [nation]Basically Mini America[/nation][/url]
[url=#9]TABS Update by [nation]The grand sultanate of Krm[/nation][/url]

[box][background-block=green][b][size=300][colour=white][font=cambria]Letter from the Editor - I'm Leaving the Post of Editor-in-Chief (for now)[/font][/size][/b][/colour][/background-block][anchor=3][/anchor]

Since I am now the Minister of Interior Affairs and I think that someone else should be given the chance to be EIC, I am formally stepping down from my position as Editor-in-Chief of the Layem Times. I am appointing RP Correspondent [nation]Basically Mini America[/nation] to hold the position. I will still be tagging along as a political correspondent, but I will no longer be the one editing the articles and leading the newspaper. I may be back after my term, though, so don't get comfortable with a different Layem Times. 

My first edition was Layem Times Issue 8, which was published all the way back in the summer of 2020. At the time, I was the URA correspondent and barely knew how to code in BBscript. The newspaper was small, only getting a few dozen views every week. This edition is the 33rd, meaning I've made 25 issues during my tenure! I hope the newspaper continues to grow under the next Editor-in-Chief.[/box]

[align=center][size=700][font=cambria][i]Election Special Report[/i][/font][/size][/align]

[box][background-block=green][b][size=300][colour=white][font=cambria]The 10th Layemese Election - Results and Analysis[/font][/size][/b][/colour][/background-block][anchor=3][/anchor]

[size=180][font=cambria][i]by Minor Political Correspondent [nation]Baaas[/nation][/i][/font][/size]

Voting in the 10th Confederacy of Layem election ended on Friday, April 2nd, 2021. This election had about 35% turnout, with 25 nations voting. Here is the new government:

- Chief Minister: [nation]Mauroa[/nation]
- Minister of Interior Affairs: [nation]Baaas[/nation]
- Minister of Foreign Affairs: [nation]Hualonia[/nation]
- Speaker of the Assembly: [nation]Basically Mini America[/nation]

Now, let's go into their campaigns and plans for their terms in more detail.

[b][nation]Mauroa[/nation] (CM)[/b]

Maur campaigned on his plans for foreign affairs, which included opening more embassies and hosting inter-regional events and the extensive experience he has in regional government. Throughout his campaign, he was supported by most of the Layemese community, but some people voiced concerns about his run, as it would increase the amount of power held already by the founder. He ended up getting elected with 72% of the vote, with the rest abstaining. 

[b][nation]Hualonia[/nation] (MoFA)[/b]

[nation]Hualonia[/nation] campaigned on his plan to censor NSFW messages and racial slurs in the Discord that have long been a hot topic in regional politics, and his plan to have an apology exchange with the URA. That second plan has been very controversial recently, with many saying that we don't have anything to apologize to the URA for, and that they should be the only ones to apologize. Hua ended up with 68% of the vote, with 24% going to his opponent, [nation]Nexus Sierra[/nation] and the rest abstaining. 

[nation]Nexus Sierra[/nation] mainly campaigned on his plans to create a sense of community with embassy regions and promote defense of our region by promoting and aiding the Layem Defense Coalition. Nexus entered late into the race, but still managed to get votes, as he ran against a highly controversial and divisive figure in Layem. 

[b][nation]Baaas[/nation] (MoIA)[/b]

[nation]Baaas[/nation] ran on his plans for laws, which included a procedure for resignation and in case a threat to regional security arises and his plans for communication between the government and people, which included articles in the Layem Times, something that Hua wants to do as well, and press conferences. Baaas won with 76% of the vote, the rest abstaining. 

[b][nation]Basically Mini America[/nation] (SoTA)[/b]

[nation]Basically Mini America[/nation] ran on his plans for laws, some of which were similar to Baaas', them being in the same political party. His plans included a law to create the positions of Vice CM, MoIA, and MoFA, and plans to limit government and political influence on parts of the region like the Supreme Court and the Layem Times. He won with 80% of the vote, the most out of all of the candidates in this election, with the rest abstaining.

What can we take away from this election? I would say the biggest thing that the campaign and the days after the new administration was instated is that foreign affairs is the most divisive issue by far. Most want to repair our reputation with the NationStates community, but everyone wants to take a slightly different path to getting there. Now, the question is: How much will our reputation be repaired by the end of this term?[/box]

[box][background-block=green][b][size=300][colour=white][font=cambria]Interview with Newly-elected Chief Minister Mauroa[/font][/size][/b][/colour][/background-block][anchor=4][/anchor]

[size=180][font=cambria][i]by Minor Political Correspondent [nation]Baaas[/nation][/i][/font][/size]

The results of the Layemese March 2021 election showed [nation]Mauroa[/nation], the founder of Layem, as the clear winner in the Chief Minister race. He campaigned on his large amount of experience in the realm of regional politics and his plans to connect with other regions through events and embassies. This week, I sat down with him to discuss his plans for his term and how he will overcome past challenges of the office of Chief Minister. Here’s the interview:

[b][nation]Baaas[/nation]: What is your goal for your term as CM?[/b]

[nation]Mauroa[/nation]: They are stated in my dispatch:

[b][nation]Baaas[/nation]: Many have accused the last Chief Minister, Phillippeland, of not doing enough in his time in government. How will you change that, and be active during your tenure?[/b]

[nation]Mauroa[/nation]: I actually care about the region unlike the last one. I won't make excuses for any failure or inactivity.

[b][nation]Baaas[/nation]: Do you have any ideas for laws you want to create?[/b]

[nation]Mauroa[/nation]: Several. They will be made public soon enough.

[b][nation]Baaas[/nation]: How will you work with other people in the government?[/b]

[nation]Mauroa[/nation]: I want to work on a possible inter-regional alliance that Randy wanted to do two terms ago.

[b][nation]Baaas[/nation]: Why do you think people came out and voted for you?[/b]
[nation]Mauroa[/nation]: Because I’m the founder and I get things done.

[b][nation]Baaas[/nation]: Any final words?[/b]

[nation]Mauroa[/nation]: God bless Layem.[/box]


[box][background-block=green][b][size=300][colour=white][font=cambria]Diplomatic Update #1[/font][/size][/b][/colour][/background-block][anchor=6][/anchor]

[size=180][font=cambria][i]by Chief Diplomatic Correspondent [nation]Hualonia[/nation][/i][/font][/size]

Layem has seen great diplomatic success over the past few days, the most notable achievement being [nation]Hualonia[/nation] (yours truly) to negotiate an apology exchange with Ellenburg of the URA. Although part of the Layemese community would resist this action, it was generally accepted after [nation]Mauroa[/nation] announced his approval of the plan. Unfortunately, some would despise this decision to this day.

More on internal news, MoIA [nation]Baaas[/nation] would refine the new mod team as part of [nation]Hualonia[/nation]’s plans to give foreigners a better impression of Layem.
Not long after [nation]Hualonia[/nation] would be elected as the MoFA, he would leave the joke political party ‘Sosig’ as retaliation to his TABS character being removed. [nation]Hualonia[/nation] called on his fellow ‘Sosg’ (sosig opposition) supporters and raided the Official Sosig Server. [nation]Hualonia[/nation] is currently facing impeachment, although the actions were seen by many as not enough for a government member to be removed from office.[/box]

[align=center][size=700][font=cambria][i]Sports & Games[/i][/font][/size][/align]

[box][background-block=green][b][size=300][colour=white][font=cambria]RP Update for 4/7/21[/font][/size][/b][/colour][/background-block][anchor=8][/anchor]

[size=180][font=cambria][i]by Chief Roleplay Correspondent [nation]Basically Mini America[/nation][/i][/font][/size]

[i]This RP update was written on Friday, April 2nd, 2021. Things may have changed by the time you are reading this.[/i]

Hello readers! It’s been another eventful week in the RP server, as wars have come and gone, and a new Minister of Internal Affairs to change up how the RP functions on an administrative basis!

First off, we have what is perhaps the biggest occurrence of this week, the foundation of the Western European Alliance (comprising France, Spain, Sweden, and the Netherlands) and their war upon the German Commonwealth. This comes following the commonwealth’s leaving of the Gdynia Concord, which left it without allies and vulnerable to the coalition’s machinations, defeating them and sparking a civil war which dissolved the nation itself. The war began with action in the Wuttemburg region, which demanded pacification and securing by the Commonwealth in order to continue their efforts. At first, things were more hopeful for the Germans as the French were bogged down fighting the Occitans and did not appear to be involving themselves for a while, anyways. This enabled them to score a series of victories, which dictated the surrender and incorporation of Wuttemburg into the Commonwealth. The Pomeranians, spurred on by the string of victories, would begin an invasion of Sweden, which, while starting spectacularly, was brought to an abrupt end when the Dutch navy arrived, cutting off reinforcements and any additional supplies they might need, bringing a quick end to the campaign.

Meanwhile, in the east, the Poles found it necessary to assert control over Prussia, which could and probably would pose a threat to Poland should they let it fall into hands other than their allies, thus prompting the invasion of the German Commonwealth (GC) and their seizure of various territories.

Following such developments, the crown of Austria realized that the war was most likely hopeless, and capitulated to the WEA, accepting occupation as opposed to crushing military defeat. Soon after, Spanish forces arrived to accept their surrender and occupy the region, taking over the matters of local administration from the previous governmental institutions and local magistrates whose families had ruled such lands for generations.

The following peace has yet to be finalized, but this means an end to the German era of unity and progress, replaced by a new era of warring and deception, one where the German states are not united by an entity but fought over for land, money, and power.

Meanwhile, the Italians, largely laying low for a while now, launch an attack on the Ottomans by sea, as their forces made landfall across the Ottoman coasts, this begins the second wave of efforts by Catholics to drive the Ottomans out of the Balkans, the last one being a failure of significant scale and resulting in even more territories lost by christendom. 

This would also be followed up by a series of funding campaigns for the Hungarians, now led by Hua, the former RPer of Pomerania who has abandoned ship and decided to return to Hungary for his revenge on the Ottomans, aided by money, training, and resources that the Poles and Italians gave him, he prepared a campaign....
Before the Ottomans suddenly granted Hungary independence. That’s right, the Ottoman sultan ordered his troops to retreat from these regions and left only commercial and mercantile influences in Hungary, leaving these regions completely free and independent, in what is perhaps the strangest move conducted so far, in this colonial RP. It remains to be seen what Lyrakia, the admin behind every NPC nation, plans to do with the Ottomans in the future.

And finally, perhaps the biggest event of this week in the RP and Layem itself, the March Elections! Minister Baaas has assumed the office of Minister of Internal Affairs, and has now promoted Huniko to a proper Admin. It has been only a short period since he has been elected, but it must be noted that this represents an immense change in leadership, and the effects of these changes are yet to be seen. 

It sure has been an eventful week, hasn’t it? Hopefully, these weeks will continue, and for now, that’s it. See y’all next week!

(Also, congratulations to Mauroa for being elected Chief Minister, Hua (Hualonia) for his election to the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Baaas for his victory and election to the position of Minister of Internal Affairs, and myself, Basically Mini America, for becoming Speaker of the Assembly. :)


[box][background-block=green][b][size=300][colour=white][font=cambria]TABS Update for 4/7/21[/font][/size][/b][/colour][/background-block][anchor=9][/anchor]

[size=180][font=cambria][i]by Chief TABS Correspondent [nation]The grand sultanate of Krm[/nation][/i][/font][/size]


[b]Sosigus Vs Jair:[/b]
The start of the match is an orchestra of bullets, eventually leading to Jair attempting a charge at Sosigus, missing but making Sosigus fall down. Sosigus gets up and attempts a charge, only to get shot down by Jair.

[b]Jetpacc Vs Supersack:[/b]
Jetpacc charges at Supersack, trying to grab him, but he misses and is thrown back by the Supersack's shout. Jetpacc continues attacking Supersack but is trapped into Supersack's ice arena and slammed with the mace, killing jetpacc.
(this is where the second image i posted goes)

Potato Farmer vs [Redacted] Kermit:[/b]
This is probably our quickest match. The match begins with Kermit charging at Potato Farmer, right after that Potato Farmer hits Kermit with an axe, killing him immediately.

[b]Arvanite Vs Soviet Soldier:[/b]
The battle begins with Arvanite constantly charging at Soviet, making Soviet fall as Arvanite flies up into the sky. When Soviet gets up, he protects himself from Arvanite using the flagpole to block Arvanite's charge, but the next charge takes Soviet off guard and kills him.

[b]Sosig Monke Vs Godzilla:[/b]
The battle begins with Godzilla throwing a fireball at Sosig Monke, but Sosig Monke, seemingly unphased, comes closer to Godzilla and slaps him with a fish. Godzilla starts to take bites out of Sosig Monke, however, Sosig Monke stabs Godzilla with a fork, killing the lizard.


[b]Terrorizt Kermit Vs Little Jimmy:[/b]
The battle begins with both sides constantly firing (or throwing his axe in Little Jimmy's case,) both dodging each other's attacks. However, Kermit is starting to get backed up in a corner and is hit with Little Jimmy's axe, killing him instantly.

[b]Viking with Guns Vs Airstrike Man:[/b]
The match begins with Airstrike man firing at the Viking, however, due to the fact that Airstrike man has an incredibly fast reload time, Viking with guns is killed before he could fire a shot.

[b]Crackbeater420 Vs Crazy Frog[/b]
Crackbeater and Crazy Frog begin the match by jumping at each other, both falling down in the process. However, Crazy Frog manages to be the one to get up first and stabs Crackbeater while he is down, killing Crackbeater.

[b]Adolf vs Le Chef:[/b]
Le chef and Adolf, formerly friends, but, Le chef, realising that his spaghetti brand was getting less traction due to him allying with Adolf, has decided to hopefully take down Adolf to give his brand a better look. Both begin the match by charging at each other, however, Adolf headbutts Le Chef's gut. Le Chef, trying to defend himself, begins to bite Adolf. The pain from the bite makes Adolf rage, but Adolf's own rage and constant slaps manage to enrage Le chef as well. The battle that ensues could be confused as a dance from a faraway view. And as both people's rage ends, Le chef stabs Adolf with a fork, killing him.


[b]SIWH's Monstrosity vs Potato Farmer:[/b]
SIWH begins the battle by creating a tornado, pushing Potato Farmer back a little, and far enough for him to jump at Potato Farmer and hit him in the legs. Potato Farmer, in pain, throws his axe at SIWH, making for a gruesome scene. 

[b]Potato Farmer Vs The Journalists:[/b]
The match begins with Potato Farmer getting pushed back a long distance by supersack's shout, however, he manages to land his axe on crackbeater, OHKO'ing him as usual. Supersack falls down due to his own shout while Korm misses a jump at Potato Farmer. Potato Farmer throws his axe at Sosigus, only for him to dodge it. He tries again on Korm, but his Axe is blocked by Korm's shield. Potato Farmer attempts to slam Korm but is interrupted by Sosigus' Lightning bolt, causing him to fall down. He gets up but is constantly pushed back by both Supersack and Sosigus while Korm constantly attempts to jump at Potato Farmer. Eventually, Supersack and the rest of the Journalists manage to get close enough for Supersack's ice arena to activate, but this is actually good for Potato Farmer, as it is at point-blank range for him to hit his axes at the Journalists without them being blocked. As the ice arena ends, Potato Farmer steps away to show the bodies of the journalists.

[b]Character Analysis Time![/b]
Godzilla, despite not having many abilities and only having 1 good weapon is decently powerful. His main weapon is a fireball, which can burn his enemies, but his other weapon is just a simple grab. He is decently bulky, with 310 Hp, and is double the size of a regular unit, making his size as big or even bigger than Potato Farmer, while his damage multiplier is 1.9x, which is honestly pretty weak. Most of the damage he'll do is via the fireball. I'd put him in C tier.

[b]Sosig Monke:[/b]
Sosig Monke is possibly the opposite of Godzilla. Despite being as tall as Godzilla, he has a higher attack multiplier but has less HP. His weapons aren't all that to speak about, but it can deal more direct damage than Godzilla, as it has 2 decent weapons, a fish and a fork, and not just 1 good weapon. He is also the mascot of our TABS shows. I say he is a C tier as well.

[b]Soviet Soldier:[/b]
Carrying a sickle and Soviet Flag, the Soviet Soldier joins the battle. He is pretty lackluster, well, for the 1v1s at least, as his soviet flag has a special ability in crowds, which are great for double battles, not only that but you'd think his high damage multiplier would mean he'd be good in 1v1s, but sadly, he lacks bulk, meaning he only has good matchups with close-ranged characters and not the gunslingers that are so abundant. He is pretty light and only has 220HP, but he does have quite a fast recharge time on his attacks, which are incredibly strong, but due to all of his flaws he'll be put in D tier.

[b]Potato Farmer:[/b]
Though Formerly having an Axe to throw, his Axe is nerfed to an apple. But, his attack speed and damage multiplier have been increased. Potato Farmer is the 3rd largest of all our characters. He also has a lot of bulk and both close and far ranged weapons. He also has the ability "hay," making him immune to most far-ranged weapons. He also has the enrage ability, which is incredibly good, as it makes you immune to attacks for a short time and deals larger damage. Potato Farmer has all the traits to succeed and has proven himself, as he has a total of 0 losses. He is definitely an S tier.[/box]


This issue of the Layem Times was edited and coded by Editor-in-Chief [nation]Baaas[/nation] - Thanks to the Editorial Team: Chief Political Correspondent [nation]Nexus Sierra[/nation], Chief RP Correspondent [nation]Basically Mini America[/nation], Meme Correspondent [nation]Elvato[/nation], Chief TABS Correspondent [nation]The grand sultanate of Krm[/nation], Chief Diplomatic Correspondent [nation]Hualonia[/nation] - The Layem Times is brought to you by readers like you, thank you!