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1st Callistan Minecraft War

[colour=red][b]Red Team[/b][/colour]
[nation]The Dream of Kirby[/nation]
[colour=blue][b]Blue Team[/b][/colour]
[nation]Plus Nova Imperii[/nation]
[nation]Yes Humans Are Recyclable[/nation]
[nation]Baloo Kingdom[/nation]
[nation]The Mongo Empire[/nation]

[box][b]The Battle of the Maze[/b]
[i]The battle was to begin with a rocket malfunction, killing Dominioan. However this wasn’t to be a omen of what was to come for Red Team. The battles began once Plus Nova Imperii snuck into red base, but, thankfully for Red Team, Sorianora and Dominioan were home, and after a few minutes of fighting were able to take down Plus Nova Imperii. This led to Yes Humans Are Recyclable to head over to Red Base, only to be slaughtered by the guard. Then, a tragedy struck, Haroldiaistan suddenly left the game for unknown reasons. This left Dominoan and Sorianora to defend the base on their own. There was another unsuccessful invasion by Yes Humans Are Recyclable. Followed by Plus Nova Imperii literally falling into a pit trap in the Red Base. Then, tragedy struck once again as Dominioan was kicked from the game once, and it left Sorianora to fend for himself against two invaders. Yes Humans are Recyclable and Plus Nova Imperii stormed into the Red Base, busting into the the netherite labyrinth. However this would be the downfall of Blue Team. Sorianora stealthily sneaked after them, and after a bit of conflict Sorianora trapped Plus Nova Imperii on a corner and finished him off. Meanwhile Yes Humans are Recyclable sneaked off into the night, and back to base.

Blue Team casualties: 6
Red Team casualties: 2 [/i][/box]