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about embassies with other regions

we are not interested in setting up embassies with other regions to attract other nations to ours because it is quite difficult to get into our region.
to create an embassy with us you need to be a region that refers to something that really exists or existed (such as: European Union, Commonwealth, Asia, Africa, UN ... etc), or an invented international organization, an invented alliance or something like that, as long as it's serious.

no fantastic worlds, no left-wing extremists, no Nazi-fascists, no religious extremists, no stupid things

we do embassies with other regions for the following reasons:

- create dialogue, collaboration and advantageous pacts for trade between regions

- we want to guarantee peace and collaboration

- decrease adversity and hostility between regions, while encouraging military collaboration for Defence

- encourage the exchange of useful or sensitive information in the political, military and economic fields

- create or strengthen the confidence of other regions in ours to oppose hostile of extremist regions (such as Nazi-fascists, communists, religious extremists ... and other regions that are too extreme)

- create communication and exchange of thoughts to contribute to the bilateral development of better, more efficient, stable and secure nations

- encourage tourism and safety among the nations of the regions

- find better solutions to tackle health problems

- exchange and make the culture of our nations known to others and get to know the culture of others

- allow the exchange or sale of new technologies or knowledge in every area

- fight organized crime present in both regions

- allow the exchange of the scientific communities of both regions

- encourage volunteers trips between regions

- encourage the exchange of students to study in nations of different regions

The Colony of Nedenia