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Mauroa for Chief Minister - March 2021

March 31st, 2021

Why vote for "Mauroa"?

I have served Layem for over FOUR years now, on and off duty. I have the most experience in regional government, with Layem not included as well. I've continued to craft events and fund activities for the region, boosting activity. I have crafted several laws myself, help write out our Constitution. and fend of spies and raiders from our great region. Many might say I have to many flaws, and that may be true. But the difference between myself and the average "flawed" person is that I'm aware of my flaws, and I'm looking to fix them the best I can to keep supporting this region.

My plans as Chief Minister

Try to at least hold ONE successful inter-regional event. (Possibly two)

Get Layem to 200 nations.

Re-establish the Layem Enforcers with a new name.

Craft at least 5 new embassies with 50+ members and an active regional government.

Make Layem art to create sense of culture; banners, new discord logos, government logos.


At the end of my term, I would like to have advanced Layem into the modern Nationstates Era with our website being relaunched as well. As WELL as a possible Layem Times website. I understand this dispatch is short, but hopefully it was sweet. God Bless Layem.