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State of the Region: Midterm Report



I am pleased to present to you, albeit a little late, my mid term report for the administration.  I am honoured to be surrounded by a team of highly dedicated Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Executive Staffers who have assisted me in my goal of correcting the course of the executive. 

As per usual, I have established and operated a highly collaborative government. One where every voice is listened to and decisions are made through a thorough and collaborative process. We have realised once more my vision for the executive, one that is easily accessible to the people, and where outcomes are community focused and driven.

The Chief of Staff [nation]Sundred[/nation] has continued to provide me with assistance across all Ministries to support implementation of special projects and has assisted me greatly as a special envoy on special matters. In addition, Oracle has overseen efforts to disclose more of the Executive Server’s archives which I expect will be released in coming weeks. Oracle was also responsible for the streamlining of the executive server, removing superfluous permissions, and organising our channels in a clear and consistent way. I am deeply grateful for Oracle’s efforts so far this term. 

[nation]Xagill[/nation] has done a fantastic job leading a strong team of Gameside Advocates and promoting coverage of government activity on our regional message board. It has been tremendous to see Xagill step up so wonderfully to the plate. I also acknowledge the other members of the Gameside Advocates team, especially [nation]Republic of Guilleana[/nation], [nation]Skaraborg[/nation] and [nation]Illusia and Neverendia[/nation] who have been especially active in promoting my endorsements and other regional news. The Gameside Advocates team also overcome some technical difficulties and published the following Literary Awards:
[*][url=]February 2021[/URL]
[*][url=]March 2021[/URL]

I also acknowledge the support of the Vice Delegate, [nation]Cretox State[/nation], who has been a consistent and positive voice in our administration, providing conscientious advice to Ministers and to myself. I am grateful for his assistance. 

I now turn to each of the individual ministries. 

[b]Foreign Affairs[/b]
Foreign Affairs, led by Minister [nation]Praeceps[/nation], has had a productive and busy term, easily surpassing the milestones of recent holders of the office. Immediately upon assumption of duties, Praetor hit the ground running, introducing [url=]bi-weekly reports[/URL] to the region on key events around the globe. These have been well received and are a great initiative to keep the public informed of our diplomatic outreach. 

Praetor has also taken great strides to give members of the Diplomatic Corps and Senior Diplomats greater opportunity to participate in foreign affairs policy setting. Praetor’s leadership has fostered an environment where open communication is key and there are far greater discussions that are Ambassador led, with Minister support. This has included involving the wider diplomatic corps in decisions on embassy closures, new diplomatic relationships, and other strategic decision making. 

Praetor has also published a number of reports on previous initiatives. This has included his report [url=]on the Foreign Affairs Committee[/URL] and his r[url=]eport on the UCR Outreach Program[/URL]. Both of these initiatives were found to not be working as intended and discontinued. 

Praetor and his team also oversaw the signing of the [url=]URA’s Memorandum of Understanding[/URL] to oversee this unique embassy partnership. 

It would be remiss for me to not also mention a significant step we took in our assertive foreign policy realignment early in the term. We released a number of statements on NPA anti-fascist operations, including [url=]this one[/URL] in the Defence subforum and [url=]this one[/URL]. Praetor naturally had a key role in the distribution of this statement and assisted me greatly in navigating these diplomatic partnerships involved in this incident. 

Otherwise, great strides have continued to be made in the publication of the [url=]World Factbook Project[/URL]. We have released entries for St Abbaddon, One big Island, The Hole to Hide In, and League of Conservative Nations and are working to keep it up to date. I would like to commend all Ambassadors for their work on this. 

Finally, we introduced the IRC Pact into the Regional Assembly which will soon be passed. This is an exciting new initiative designed to enhance interregional communication and collaboration. I am excited to work on the implementation of this agreement over the coming months. 

Thank you Praetor for all of your efforts so far this term. You have demonstrated every quality that I hoped to see in you as Minister of Foreign Affairs. 

The Ministry of Defence has experienced a strong return to strength and activity under the leadership of Minister of Defence [nation]Nimarya[/nation]. Nimarya has worked closely with me and members of the NPA High Command to innovate and modernise our regional military. The NPA has undertaken 39 operations so far this term. 195 tags, 1042 detags and a total of 1237 hits. We have already destroyed the records of past terms and only just surpassed the midway point. 

The North Pacific Army is faster and stronger than it has ever been. With pioneering new tactics on the field and a bold innovative strategy underpinning all new operations. This success has resulted in 20 new soldiers joining the NPA.

The North Pacific Army’s connectivity with our foreign policy objectives remains tantamount. This has been demonstrated through our [url=]anti-fascist activities[/URL] and our close partnerships with many major militaries around the globe. 

To begin the term, the NPA participated in an operation dubbed “[url=]Boom Beach[/URL]”, which was a significant coalition effort targeting the region Alnobia. 10 NPA soldiers participated in the jump operation which was successfully occupied by raider forces.

We also worked with Lily on a [url=]significant anti-fascist operation[/URL], that included hitting the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators and a number of other fascist aligned regions. Our anti-fascist stance remains a key part of our military goals and I am delighted to see our continued success in this regard.

In late February, the NPA led another coalition operation targeting 255 regions that were successfully detagged by the involved armies. This operation demonstrated the Minister of Defence Nimarya’s willingness to take on new challenges and lead our army in more complex and difficult operations. I am incredibly proud of the efforts of all NPA soldiers in undertaking these operations. 

It is not possible to mention all of the operations in this one report, as there are a significant number of training operations that take place each day. These are started from here and are overseen by Minister of Defence Nimarya and other officers. 

Outside of standard operations, we have continued to release new radio interviews with new generals to update the Call to Serve series. These will be vital in our goal of revitalising the main NPA dispatch later in the term. 

I also [url=]promoted [/URL][nation]Rom[/nation], [nation]Francois ISidore[/nation] (Robespierre) and [nation]Veniyerris[/nation] (BMWSurfer) to the rank of General in the North Pacific Army. At the same time, I rolled out a new edition of the NPA Code of Governance as a Delegate Directive. This new code was well overdue and allows for greater flexibility in the command structure, to ensure that High Command is able to adapt readily to the activity and leadership needs of the NPA. 

Finally, a thank you to Nimarya for her consistently strong and high performing leadership. I could not ask for a better Minister of Defence and I thank you for everything you have achieved and will achieve in this role.

[b]Home Affairs[/b]
The Ministry of Home Affairs led by Minister [nation]Huks Gares[/nation] (Owenstacey) has continued to do the hard yards in internal recruitment that keeps our region strong. So far this term, the Ministry of Home Affairs has done 1027 rows and sent 6918 telegrams (at the time of writing). The Ministry has also supported our dispatch led recruitment efforts for other ministries. Deputy Ministers Vivanco and New Celoveniortan have been crucial to supporting the Minister’s efforts here, and to them both, I say thank you.

In terms of our recruitment lists, 9 lists have been released so far this term:
[*][url=]Endorsing McMasterdonia and Cretox state[/URL]
[*][url=]RMB Posters for discord[/URL]
[*][url=]RMB Posters for Executive Staff[/URL]
[*][url=]WA Voters for Citizenship[/URL]
[*][url=]New Foundings for the Forum[/URL]
[*][url=]Issue answerers for RP[/URL]
[*][url=]RMB Posters for Foreign Affairs[/URL]
[*][url=]RMB Posters for Communications[/URL]
[*][url=]WA voters for Ministry and Endotarting[/URL][/list]

Owen has also been working to review the routine recruitment telegrams that are used for lists. Secondly, he has also published a new way for people to get more easily involved in the [url=]Welcome Wagon[/URL] on discord. 

The Ministry of Home Affairs has also taken responsibility for the publication of the Press Releases this term. So far, 3 press releases have been published and distributed to our community. 

I thank Owen for his dedication as Minister of Home Affairs where his sharp administrative focused mind has proven to be a real asset. Excellent work on your work so far this term, Owen!

[b]World Assembly Affairs[/b]
The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs has released 27 IFV’s since the start of the term. Minister [nation]Westinor[/nation] has continued to lead a diligent and organised Ministry that is consistently putting out high quality reviews of proposals. Westinor has also made sure that these IFVs are more regularly posted in in-game discussion threads on key proposals. 

Westinor has also accepted 5 proposals into the [url=]WA Accelerator Program[/URL], providing additional support to aspiring authors and continuing to demonstrate why The North Pacific remains the leading hub for authors in NationStates.

In the World Assembly Legislative League (WALL), we have participated in 9 votes on proposals before the World Assembly. We have also been in discussion with our WALL partners about possibilities to expand our collaboration into other related areas and will update the region in due course. 

Westinor has been a tremendous Minister of World Assembly Affairs. I think many of his efforts, particularly those that involved counter-campaigning against fascist proposals have gone unnoticed by the wider community. Westinor has also been a positive presence and support to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence in particular. I thank him greatly for all of his efforts so far this term. 

The newest Minister for the newest Ministry, [nation]Cascadian Bioregion[/nation] has done a fantastic job as Minister of Radio supported by enthusiastic and engaged deputies. The Ministry of Radio is not the easiest Ministry to get involved in and there have been a couple of technical problems earlier in the term. Despite this, Cascadian Bioregion and his team have overcome these difficulties with grace and continued to deliver for our residents. 

The following radio shows have been hosted and recorded this term:
[*][url=]RP Spotlight: The Imperium Suavidic[/URL]
[*][url=]RP Spotlight: Arcanstotska[/URL]
[*][url=]RP Spotlight: Tusacaway[/URL]
[*][url=]A Fireside Chat with Vice Delegate Cretox[/URL]
[*][url=]RP Spotlight: Prydania[/URL]
[*][url=]A Call to Serve Bobberino[/URL]
[*][url=]RP Spotlight: Aydin[/URL]
[*][url=]A Call to Serve Robespierre[/URL]

As you can see, the Ministry of Radio has provided an additional positive connection for members of our role play communities to the regional government. I am very happy with the work completed by the Ministry of Radio so far this term and commend Cascadian Bioregion for his efforts.


[nation]Veniyerris[/nation] (BMWSurfer) has continued to perform exceptionally well in his position as Minister of Communications. The joy of working with BMWSurfer is that he is always looking for opportunities to innovate and to improve, it is a true delight. 

Communications published the final edition of [url=]The North Star[/URL] and BMW announced his intention to transition the Ministry to the Polaris article format here. The Polaris articles published so far this term are available [url=]here[/URL]. This has required considerable work on BMW’s part, including the recruitment of new authors, designing and coding new templates, and working with the Minister of Foreign Affairs on how distributions for these new articles will work. 

In addition, the Ministry of Communications has three editions of The Northern Lights under varying stages of development. The Cards edition of The Northern Lights is well underway and approaching completion soon. The edition focusing on the regional development of NS regions is underway too, with a framework established for how this development will be measured. Finally, planning has commenced on a Culture themed edition of TNL expected to be released in April 

I thank BMWSurfer for his constant hard work in the Ministry of Communications.


Under the guidance of Minister [nation]Madjack[/nation], Culture has performed exceedingly well, particularly given the low baseline at which it was operating when the office was inherited. Madjack, supported by his Deputies, have established a much more engaged activity profile and therefore a better engaged staff too. 

Key activities completed this term include a new edition of a Message in a Bottle, where wholesome and loving messages were shared by TNPers with other TNPers. You can read more about that [url=]here[/URL].

Madjack also oversaw our participation in NSGE, a global event that mostly took place on a discord server. Our activities including a pet parade and the featuring of TNP’s roleplay content were well received by other participants.

Theme Thursdays continue to be an extremely popular initiative with the following winners awarded so far:
[*]The Most Delicious Dessert: Kyle
[*]The Most Elite Gamer: PRaetor
[*]The First Decades of Delirium: Arc
[*]TNP’s Memeiest Memer: Wondereess
[*]Trailblazing Women: Dreadton
[*]Action Heroes: Greater Ale Permars:
[*]Sports: Ianmey7
[*]2010s: Paxioslange
[*]2000s: Fujiwara

Westinor also won the inaugural Poetry Contest which was hotly contested by other TNPers. It was great to see the creativity of our region having a positive outlet that led to great enjoyment by many readers.

We also [url=]announced[/URL] a number of significant changes to The North Pacific University that are in varying stages of implementation. Madjack unveiled that the new name of the University will be [url=]chosen by the regional community[/URL]. 

Finally, the Ministry of Culture is also overseeing a gradual overhaul of the games server. Stay tuned for more information in due course. I am incredibly proud of Madjack and the Ministry of Culture for their efforts this term. It is a tremendous task to have improved a Ministry as much in such a short period of time. 


The Ministry of Cards has had a very busy term and has had to overcome a number of technical difficulties to continue to deliver excellent outcomes to hardcore cards fans across the region.

A key goal for my administration was the hosting of a full scale Cards festival, known as the Cards Symposium. Minister [nation]Destructive Government Endorsing System[/nation] DGES has performed incredibly well in this role, juggling his responsibilities as the Lord of the Cards and Symposium Chief all in one. This event featured well over 100 participants and five external speakers. This was supplemented by 11 specifically curated events designed to maximise the reach of the symposium. It is no small task to host such a fantastic event, particularly one that was so well organised and well received. For this, I commend DGES and his team. 

The Ministry is also working closely with the Communications Ministry on a Cards focused TNL edition to maximise gains from the event speakers. 

In addition, the Ministry has created a new Cards Awards competition in order to recognise the contributions of players to all aspects of NS Cards. This was a tremendous effort that took more work than many of the other competitions combined that formed the symposium. I acknowledge [nation]Noahs Second Country[/nation] for his hard work in this respect.

With r3n on hiatus, the Cards Guild and the Ministry of Cards at large is looking closely at options to mitigate delays in getting manual card awards out to winners. At this stage, this has involved me regularly logging into The Northern Lights and distributing these cards - albeit likely not as quickly or as often as DGES would prefer. This is a work in progress and I will continue to update the region on what solutions we come up with.

I would like to thank DGES for his hard work and diligence as Minister of Cards so far this term. 


I hope that the above report summarizes how much work has been completed so far during the term. The team and I have been working throughout the days and nights to keep our region strong and its government performing well and efficiently.  I am proud of what we have been able to accomplish this term, while also mindful that we have less than half of the term to go and many more items I’d like to cross off our list. Thank you for reading and if you have any questions, you know where to find me!



[b]Delegate of The North Pacific[/b]