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The White Laurel Act as amended

Author: The Bigtopia
Sponsor: Brototh
As Amended By: Snowflame

Given the various forms in which Thaecia's allies have historically asked for her aid in conflicts, internal and external, and seeking a centralized form by which to give that aid;

1.1: The White Laurel shall be established under the office of the Prime Minister with a mission to meet the needs of other regions, particularly Thaecia's allies, in need of support. The White Laurel shall be an office independent of any of the ministries.
1.2: The support provided by the White Laurel could take a variety of forms, but the form and method of support must be agreed upon by the White Laurel Director, the Prime Minister, and the Foreign Affairs Minister.
1.3: The White Laurel shall not provide military aid or participate in military conflicts or operations between or within regions.
1.4: Where applicable, the White Laurel must obtain permission from the legitimate governing authority of a region before providing support of any kind. Permission is implied if the region specifically asks for aid in a certain form.

2.1: The White Laurel shall be composed of a volunteer team directed by a White Laurel Director, who shall be chosen by the Prime Minister.
2.2: The White Laurel Director must be a citizen of Thaecia, and shall be accountable to the President, Prime Minister, and Foreign Affairs Minister.
2.3: The White Laurel Director shall assess needs brought to and found by the President and Foreign Affairs Ministry. The White Laurel shall create and enact plans to meet those needs, including recruiting and coordinating volunteers from the populace.
2.4: The White Laurel Director can serve in any other position, except Foreign Affairs Minister and Prime Minister, while being the White Laurel Director.

Speaker snowflame