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by The Grand Duchy of Einnstadt. . 12 reads.

Sincerely thanks from the North

To honorable King Gustaf and all Hyukaians, Einnstadians thanks to your hard works in order to give Einnstadt generous support from far beyond.

Since received your Majesty's friendly telegram, Einnstadians feel cheerful and expected to see new coming ship from the horizon every day.

According to Hyukai local breaking news. The fleets were sailed to Eterna sea. However, Einnstadt doesn't locate there. But we do have a new found island nearby. And the closest to North Pole and Eterna sea is probably Alaska state.

The social media seems to misunderstand the difference between the new found island and Einnstadt. It also used "lower than standard living quality" to describes Einnstadt.

Einnstadt is proud of her automobile and mechanic manufacturing. Even our technology isn't advanced and modernized. As a leader, I wish the Commonwealth of Hyukai can treat Einnstadt with fair and equal vision and hope our friendship will last forever!

Eugenia von Habsburg-Lothringen
Novitiate Regent Princess, Einnstadt