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RMB Code of Conduct

This dispatches summarises the rules of posting on the Regional Message Board (RMB) of Thaecia. Failure to abide by these rules may result in prosecution under L.R. 35, and/or a ban from the region depending on the offence.

  • 1. Do not violate site rules. View the site rules here. If you see rule-breaking behaviour on the RMB, report the post(s) in question to on-site moderators immediately.

  • 2. Do not post content which is gory, obscene, sexual, or generally inappropriate for the viewing of those under the age of 13.

  • 3. Do not spam the RMB. Double and triple posting is not prohibited, but is strongly discouraged. Edit previous posts before making new ones.

  • 4. Do not maliciously edit a quote to change its original meaning or denigrate the author of the original post.

  • 5. Do not recruit for another region on the Thaecian RMB.

  • 6. Remain respectful of others.