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AF Laws

Parliament Bill #001 | Crises-Averting Government Programs | NS Crises

Fellow Parliament Members,

NOTING, that our region fails to defend our great nations during the latest crises of Z-Day and N-Day.

SHOCKED, that some nations will voluntarily rampage and attack comrades.

ESTABLISHES, the Center for Amalgamated Disease Control (Counter Z-Day) and the Strategic Federation Launch Program.

STATES, that the CADC will direct efforts into maximizing survivors in Z-Day and that the SFLP will protect our nations' interest in global warfare.

CLARIFIES, that SFLP may launch nukes but only at the discretion of the regions Officer Council.

ELABORATES, that SFLP only jurisdicts on regional factions

INCLUDES, the fact that the CADC will direct Cure Missile Launches (CML) and that CML will be fired at needed nations first.

HOPES, that this will protect our Region from total destruction.

Written by:
Sierra Grand
Sponsored by:
Sierra Grand, The Potatoez

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If a nation breaks any regional laws or fails to fulfill an agreement, they may be brought to court. If a nation is brought to court, they must send a nation they own to represent them in Zone AF01 by the time 24 hours have passed since their nation is logged in, or after 15 minutes if their nation posts on the RMB. If a nation does not do so, they will be stripped of all government positions, ejected, and given a court mandate to send a nation to Zone AF01.
When the nation has sent one of their nations to Zone AF01, a time for trial shall be agreed upon. At the agreed upon time, the trial shall take place.
The verdict of whether the defendant is guilty (conviction verdict) shall be determined by the director of the BKA. The director's ruling can be overruled by a majority of parliament members, who can be overruled by either the founder or WA delegate, who in turn can be overruled by a 4-1 super majority of parliament members, unless both founder and WA delegate agree. Punishment is decided with the same chain of command as the conviction verdict.
While under trial, a government member can't deliver a verdict for conviction or punishment.

If a nation fails to fulfill court mandate (which some punishment are), for example if they don't return cards as mandated by the court, they can be banned until they complete the court mandate. If banning would prevent the nation from fulfilling the court verdict, then they will be ejected, but banned if they join the region without fulfilling the court mandate.

Exceptions to the rules may be given with a majority decision of parliament members.

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  • Long1 posts must be contained in spoilers

  • One nation can't post more than 5 posts in a row, unless the posts 6 and beyond are each 24 hours apart

  • Spamming, as defined by the NS rules, is not allowed

  • All posts must be PG-13, with all swears properly2 censored

  • All propaganda must be labeled as such, and be inside a spoiler

  • You may not beg to be a region RO, but reminding someone to make you an RO, if you have an agreement with them is fine.

  • Posts my not be suppressed unless they break any rules stated above, or two parliament members agree, without opposition from 2 or more parliament members.

  • Posts may not break any NS site rules

  • Links that log people's IP addresses are banned from the RMB

  • Posts may not contain just "RMB post", "This is an RMB post", or other words along those lines.

1- Long posts are defined as posts longer than 500 characters, including spaces
2- Some vowels and/or consonants must be replaced with a different character consisting of asterisks (*), dashes (-), etc. They may also be purposely misspelled, or have letters missing.

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