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Republic of Segentova | GalandCleggetKruse law-firm


[b]Image above:[/b] [i]GCK Logo[/i][/center]
[b]Motto:[/b] [i]"Stronger together, for a more just world"[/i]

[b]Trading Name:[/b] GalandCleggetKruse
[b]Type:[/b] Partnership
[b]Founded:[/b] 14th of December, 2005 in Nouveau Toulon, [nation]Segentova[/nation]
[b]Founders:[/b] Jacques Galand, Karl-Joseph Kruse, Jean-Baptiste Clegget
[b]Headquarters:[/b] Nouveau Toulon, [nation]Segentova[/nation]
[b]Geographical Reach:[/b] Worldwide
[b]Key People:[/b] Jessica Galand, Karl-Joseph Kruse, Jean-Baptiste Clegget
[b]Chairman:[/b] Karl Joseph Kruse

[b]GalandCleggetKruse, SARL[/b] is a multinational law firm that specializes in corporate law, international law, and administrative law. It offers advice, support, and representation to many clients on a worldwide scale. The firm was formed out of an initial merger in the 1980s but was only truly founded as GCK when Galand merged with Clegget and Kruse's law firm in 2005. It operates in many nations across The Western Isles and trades on the Nouveau Toulon International Stock Exchange (NISE) as GCK.

GCK has its headquarters in Nouveau Toulon, [nation]Segentova[/nation], with major offices in Greyhelm, [nation]Alteran Republics[/nation], Tapu Sahar ([nation]Athara Magarat[/nation])  and in ---, ---. As it operates in a services-based industry, the business focuses more on human resources than operations but utilizes established technology as an operations strategy. 

The business has gained such a profile that it does not need to explicitly employ a marketing approach, instead of relying on lobbyists and conventional promotion to obtain and maintain clients. After the Keverai leaks of 2017, the company had to conduct major crisis management marketing in order to restore its public image as a result of the firm being hacked by an Ahnslen teenager, and as a result, revealing a number of questionable transactions and accounts.

It is not entirely known what customers GCK has but estimates and analysis have indicated that their clients include national governments, large corporations and wealthy individuals - often successful entrepreneurs. 

It originally began as a partnership but had a brief public offering in 2009 which ultimately resulted in the three largest partners buying back the vast majority of publically bought shares in a bid to maintain extensive control over the company.

Since then it has operated as a limited liability partnership, receiving external investment from the Segentovan Government and Segentovan State-Bank. 

[size=200]Subsidiaries and Partnerships[/size]
GCK has a number of subsidiaries and collaborates with multiple businesses on a commercial level. Their subsidiaries as of 2019 are as follows:
[*]Catare Legal Services, an environmental and indigenous law firm they purchased in 2018 
[*]Verai Solutions, a financial advice firm that they purchased in 2007; and
[*]Fortitude-Galand Business Solutions, a business consultancy firm that followed Galand Legal into the GCK business umbrella once it merged.

[size=200]Controversies and Criticism[/size]
GCK has attracted significant negative public attention over multiple events. 
[*]In early 2018, a major privacy breach led to the firm being at the center of some of the most compelling and concerning leaks in the history of The Western Isles. Politicians, corporations, and individuals were implicated as an Ahnslen teenager revealed the accounts of multiple groups acting contrary to international law. The revelations as a result of this breach sparked two revolutions and continued unrest in [nation]Orsandia[/nation] and [nation]Keverai[/nation].
[*]GCK has many times over received scrutiny for handling Indenturement contracts on a large scale in its native Segentova, where indenturement, as a judicially-ordered punishment for insolvency is relatively common

[size=200]In the news[/size]


Thank you so much to [nation]Ainslie[/nation] for letting me have this.

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