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Presidential Election 11/21/20

Speech by Aizcona

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening my fellow TWIslanders!
Given this is my twentieth or so election speech you all know I'm not artistic enough for anything fancy. Nonetheless though I have announced my candidacy for the presidency as it is not a good look for the Isles to not have a President. With no one stepping up I find that one has to take that next man up mentality and as the person in TWI government with the most experience this is something that I should do. Nonetheless I've already been filling in the role in some spots.

My experience in TWI government is clear, I have now been the SoRP (Previously SoI) on three occasions and I have been the president of the region prior to this. I have been in a government position for the majority of TWI's existence. I am always here to help people and I have always wanted to do what I can for TWI. As the second oldest residing resident of the region I've been a part of and seen everything TWI has had to offer.

At this point TWI has been in a bit of a skid for a little while and I believe that I have come to my conclusion on what needs to be changed after talking to Ainslie a bit. Ainslie has been important to the region since he joined, especially with what he did in the SoRP role so I am inclined to agree with him. TWI needs more younger people in the region, preferably high schoolers. We also need to find a way to get them from the beginning interest stage to the stable member stage and guide them through that middle ground in between that is so difficult to navigate. This is something that has eluded us for some time. Now that many of the members of TWI are in college I believe that we need to get back that energy and enthusiasm that used to permeate the region.

Thus here is my plan for my presidency. We will have stability at this position. A vacant presidency does not look good on us and I will not allow that to be the case. I will have the government provide a unified front which has not often been the case, I want more cooperation between the people in it, I believe that has been lost, especially with the void in this role. I want to find a new TWIslander to take up the SoRP role, someone who will have energy and will add more interest to RP and focus on getting more and more people involved. Along with that I want to shake up the Secretary of Recruitment, I believe that it is too much to fully put that on one person. I want to have it be a more collaborative effort between more of us, especially those not in government and have the Secretary lead those efforts rather than be the sole maker of efforts. The more people we get in here the more chances we have to hit on new energetic people. As for the SoInfo, I have loved what they have been able to do and I believe that they will be able to and want to do more if the government is fully functioning and working together.

Altogether I ask you to vote me in. I have confidence in myself that I have not had in awhile, especially since my first go as president. I want to stabilize and focus on the government and have it work cohesively together to provide the stepping stones for this region to not go back to what we had but to go beyond that. To a region that produces quality RP in a collaborative effort in such a way that we all feel good with what we've done.

As always Much Love From Polar <3 (Although many now know me as Aizcona)

Speech by Shanzie

Hello, I'm Shanzie, also known as Thuzbekistan.

I am running for president in order to help boost activity in the region by helping ensure a fresh flow of new members in the region, ensuring officers communicate with one another, and aiding where I can in their duties.

Twi government has systems to ensure these things are done correctly and, as president, I will ensure these systems are running to the benefit of roleplay in the region. As we all know, activity has slumped due to IRL complications as the world deals with coronavirus. Ensuring our officers are active and aiding them when they are not is one of the more important jobs of the president as these officers are key to keeping our region healthy, active, and fun.

Vote Shanzie, 2020 :)

Speech by San Montagna

I'd like to put my name forward for the Presidential election.