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The Kantucket Gazette Issue VII

November 20, 2020 ISSUE VII $1.50

Issue VI

First Alliance of Powers

Welcome to the Seventh Issue of the Kantucket Gazette, we are pleased to announce to you, that President Zacharius Broussard met with King Hunter of The Puffin Islands,
"The meeting went wonderfully, I feel as though our two nations will have a great relationship moving forward." Broussard said as he exited his plane. The president met last night with King Hunter at the Puffin Capital where they exchanged ideas and plans that would go into this "Defensive Pact" and journalists of the Puffin Islands say that before the signing of the Agreement, a few jokes were shared between both leaders. More about the pact will be discussed in our Interview section.

Plans have also been made to propose a bill to our congress that would extend the presidents term, not indefinitely but a little longer, more information on that can be found below todays advertisement.

Using metals when you work may be a bit tough, worried about the rust in the rain, worried about the malleability of said metal? Well, listen here folks! We are here to advertise some of the best metal in the WORLD!!! Get it today, Pervincian Steel, works well all year round, don't worry about rust, this here is rust proof! Don't worry about denting, DENT PROOF STEEL!!!!
Get some today, call up your local hardware shop if you need some metal for a domestic building project! For all those other nations reading this, call the Pervincian Government, get some of this steel in BULK, Buy Buy Buy!!! This is the most sought after steel out there so get some while you still can!!! Louisianan Uses it, So Why Don't You?

Extension of President's Term?

After the President's meeting yesterday, he mentioned something to the press about a Bill he is pushing for; An Extension to The Presidents Term. The extension would not give the President more power and would not be specifically meant for the President's benefit. The Bill would push for a two month term system instead of a one week term system.

"I do plan on requesting an amendment to our current election laws dictating that an election happens every week and instead have an election every three months. This would ensure that right after the president does something like make an alliance or pact, that the affected nations won't have to deal with a completely new leader of our country, especially with the diverse ideas and opinions of the other politicians."

This would make him unpopular with politicians but seems like a very logical action to take with our nations entry into a defensive alliance with a Monarchy.

Colorful Countries of Capitalism

Welcome Everyone to The Colorful Countries of Capitalism!

Today, I want to Welcome a new nation to Conch Kingdom Gru Amsterdam. They have been here for 19 hours, and we hope to have them here for much longer! Gru has a capitalistic nation with a fair amount of Civil Rights and a wonderous Economy. Why? You may ask, the answer I have for you is Insurance. The private sector runs the Gruian economy, and insurance industry leads the private sector. About half of government spending goes to Welfare and Defense while the rest is split with other domestic issues. I personally want to congratulate Gru, as he is #1 when it comes to the Insurance Industry in Conch Kingdom. Gru has not yet made a map claim or a nation factbook, does he plan on it? We don't know yet, it would be great to have another Nation participate in Regional Politics, but only time can tell. Anyway, go check out Gru Amsterdam and you can thank Pervincia for inviting him here! Thats all for today on, The Colorful Countries of Capitalism!!!

Healthy Habits for Happy Housewives! And Daily News

Eating Habits By: Cetty Brocker

This is coming from your favorite housewife! Cetty Brocker, let me tell you about myself! I am a housewife of 23 years, I pride myself in being the best chef in Bienville. I cook traditional Cajun recipes in a traditional Cajun way! We don't use any type of Tofu here and if I find you using it, I'll barbeque you slowly in Molasses! today, we're going to be featuring a recipe that cannot be found anywhere else besides my kitchen. This recipe has been passed down for generations of my family, and i'm here to pass it on to you,


  • 1⁄2
    cup butter (or margarine)

  • 1 1⁄4
    cups sugar

  • 1
    teaspoon vanilla

  • 2
    eggs (beaten)

  • 3
    ripe bananas, smashed (about 1 cup)

  • 1⁄4
    cup milk

  • 2
    cups flour

  • 1⁄2
    teaspoon salt

  • 1⁄2
    teaspoon baking soda

  • 1⁄2 - 1
    cup chopped pecans (optional) or 1/2-1 cup walnuts (optional)

Cream butter & sugar. Add vanilla & eggs. Combine dry ingredients, add alternately with bananas & milk. Add nuts if desired. Grease & flour 1 bread pan (2-3 smaller pans) or pour into muffin cups. For loaf bake at 350 for 45-60 minute Muffins 350 for 20-25min. Enjoy!
*Note- I usually use a smaller bread pan to make the 2 loaves, or use a larger one and just make 1 big loaf, but it will need to bake longer. I adjusted the time because people had been saying it was over baking, now people are saying it's under baked. I would use the old fashion test of a tooth pick at 45 min, then at 1 hour -- up to 1 hour & 30 min if needed. Hope that helps, Enjoy! From Bienville, This was Cetty Brocker!

Couponing Habits with Ms. Alice Landry

Good Morning, or Afternoon, depending on where you are. As was shown earlier, we have a good amount of deals on pure Pervincian Steel, it has universal uses! Anyways, fast punch, fast punch, 1, 2, 3, GO. We got one deal on turqoise paint at any hardware store near you, we have a great buy one get one free pack of Bubblegum at any gas station. We have a few free bottles of water coming from any store on a military base. Thats all for deals, today we went fast fast, this was Alice Landry, coming from Lakeshift!

L'état d'aujourd'hui!

Hormis l'accord du Pacte, nous n'avons pas de grandes nouvelles, nous avons décidé de consacrer beaucoup de temps à cet article pour être plutôt réutilisé pour l'interview avec le président.

Article by : Francoise Marceaux

Interview with President Zacharius Broussard on the Pact and Bill

Lessaint Guidry (Journalist): Welcome Mr. President, we are glad to have you here.

Zacharius Broussard: It's great to be here, and i loved your coverage on the election.

Lessaint Guidry: Thank you! First question, what are the terms of the pact that was signed last night?

President Broussard: Well, first of all it's purpose is to make sure that both we, and The Puffin Islands, will be able to defend ourselves in the case of bombardment by foreign powers making fake claims and war doctrines upon our nations.

Lessaint Guidry: Ok, what are the specific terms of the pact.

President Broussard: You must not hear well, the specific terms of the agreement are that we will work with the Puffin Islands to make sure we are prepared for any type of war with a foreign nation. If you are hinting that we will send some of our armed forces over there, you are correct.

We will send some of our troops over there to learn a few things, specifically with The Puffin Navy, and they will send troops over here to learn a little about our tactics and ground tactics.

It is to make sure that if and when another nation bombards us or The Puffin islands, our militaries will be prepared to work together in whatever terrain we may be on.

Lessaint Guidry: Ok, a very good deal then, I assume you made sure we got the better hand.

President Broussard: No, there wasn't even a discussion on who would come out better in the deal, the agreement was made to serve both of our nations so both of our nations will be treated equal in the eyes of the pact.

the purpose of the pact was not to make ourselves better, the purpose of the pact is to make sure that citizens of our countries will be able to depend on each other in a time of need.

Lessaint Guidry: Ok, well what about this new bill you proposed?

President Broussard: The new bill would also serve our nation as well as our allies. The bill would assure our allies that leadership wouldn't change like one would change their socks. We need to have stability and if we have an election once every few months, we could better prepare for elections as well as keep our election integrity to the high standards we have had so far.

Lessaint Guidry: So, this is not a bid for more power?

President Broussard: Of course not, it's comical that the citizens would even think so. By giving me more time in office, you would also be giving the next president more time in office and the next one and the next, so you wouldn't be giving me anymore power than you would be giving the next presidents.

By keeping a person in office longer, we are making sure, that processes like passing bills, would for sure, be done by the time a person leaves office.

Lessaint Guidry: That's about all the time we have, any other comments?

President Broussard: I hope that the Louisianan people can stand behind me in both the Pact and the Bill.

Lessaint Guidry: Thank you for answering my questions.

Interview Conducted By: Lessiant Guidry

Publisher = Jaques Bourdeaux

Professional Interviewer = Lessiant Guidry

Writer = Cetty Brocker

Writer = Allice Landry

Writer = Francoise Marceaux

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