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FWO music. CO

This is a company based in New Ryansville meant to house most of FWO's music! It also has an app that your population can download on their phones or tablets!

How do i join?
You just TG me music and the name of the spoiler and i'll enter you! You can also make a Factbook with your music in it if you want to make my life easier.

Why should i join?
Your Music could spread to other nations and become popular, or could be banned in others. And there is a risk of your music making a nation's population want to revolt again it's government and make it like your government.

How many Enteries can i make?
As many as you want! As long as i get the music i'll put it in! I cant wait to hear ya'lls music for your nation!

Songs in your nation will be popular unless you ban said songs
You can have a headquaters of the Company in your nation


New Ryansville's

New Ryansville's Music

Songs banned in New Ryansville:
Songs Popular in New Ryansville:

Third Soviet Union's

Songs banned in TSU:
Songs Popular in TSU: Workers Untie!


Songs banned in Ancaps:
Songs Popular in Ancaps:


Songs banned in Wolffermania:
Songs Popular in Wolffermania:


Songs banned in Asuniia:
Songs Popular in Asuniia:

New South African's

Songs banned in New South African:
Songs Popular in New South African:


Homyland's music

Songs banned in Homyland:
Songs Popular in Homyland: