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International Laverian news: American Espionage

Laverian Government Exposes Extensive American Spy Network
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Adam Baker| 19-11-2020

US ambsasador to Laver Island
Jeffrey Ross Gunter

Yesterday Polítæts Æftærrætíng, the Laverian national intelligence organisation, was exposed to have employed and fed American spies with state secrets.
The Laverian parliament has mobilised an investigation of the intelligence agency to expose the corruption to its full extend. The Minister of Justice, Egíll Ejnírsson, ordered the exposed spies arrested and tried in Laverian courts, he denounced the espionage and informed the public that the Laverian government will do what it can in its power to cease unlawful American activity on domestic soil. "Laverian law has been deeply violated, our trust to the American authorities have diminished and respect for nations and people continue to be buried by the imperialistic forces of our times," said Egíll Ejnírsson.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Sígrun Magnusdottír, took it a step forward and demanded the United States cease its unlawful activities, issue an apology to the Laverian government and also demanded an international assurance be given that this will not occur again.
"It can no longer be excused, they have violated multiple international treaties and yet nothing suggests they will stop... I have brought this issue up to the UN and we expect the international community to step up and defend each other from powerful nations pushing the rest of us over," informed Sígrun Magnusdottír to the press after her speech at the UN.

In response to the diplomatic crisis, the US ambassador to Laver Island, Jeffrey Ross Gunter, informs the international community that the Laverian government are exaggerating, "Espionage is a tough word to use when we, in reality, are conducting an investigation on Laver Island due to allegations of housing anti-American terrorists, and to what extent it holds true. Our national security is on the line and I am disgusted to see some of our allies side against us on this matter, had it been two other countries you can bet America would come through for its allies."

Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, held a follow-up speech at the UN to make New Zealand's stance clear, "Operation Dunnage is a stain on New Zealand's history, we gave into British and American pressure to conduct secret raids on India's embassy to us twice... No longer should we give in to the pressure of corrupt governments to allow them to conduct their illegal and diplomatically staining operations on foreign soil, we demand the Americans issue the apology and give the world an assurance, so we can hold them accountable..."

The EU, with the exception of Poland, Hungary and Austria alongside Russia, China, Iran, New Zealand, Norway, Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, India among a few more, have all voiced their stance with Laver Island and demand the apology and assurance be given.

Japan, Korea, Australia, Hungary, Poland, Austria and Saudi Arabia remain the biggest advocates on America's side and demand the allegations against Laver Island be investigated.

The UK, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Chile and the rest have yet to comment.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has refused to comment on the matter stating strictly that Britain will not be shamed by foreign officials and be expected to cooperate.

The International Laverian News is a branch of the International Nordic News organisation founded and headquartered in London, United Kingdom.
Its goals are to bring national and local Laverian news to the world as part of the wider goal to bring Nordic News to the global world.

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By Turkish_Drama_lover - 30 Seconds Ago

Astaghfirullah, this is just like back home.

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By Unpokoloko - 1 Min Ago

"Land of the free" WHAT? Whoever told you that is your enemy!

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By Local_Patriot69 - 2 Mins Ago

I hope Boris stands with our fellow conservatives across the pond, this wouldn't have happened had they not elected Socialists!!! They are corrupt and they're rotting up the Laverian society like a plague. We must fight the destructive anti-western Socialists or they will literally turn us into a carbon copy of the USSR!!!! WE. WILL. STARVE. Kill them all I say, if only illegally "elected" Biden had the guts to stand up for our values.

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By YourMotherIsAComrade - 3 Mins Ago

I'm with Haelga on this one, the Americans have no business violating the sovereignty of other nations. For too long have they unrestricted been able to pursure their own self interests at the expense of literally everyone else, what a joke of a decaying empire. You goooo queens, I wish the UK would elect a Haelga or Jacinda.

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