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Europeian Republican Navy Celebrates Alongside Allied Forces


Contact Information (Discord): Istillian#0676

(Europeia, November 19, 2020) - On November 16, Captain Kazaman and Ensign Vor of The Europeian Republican Navy led a shotgun operation alongside The Black Hawks and The North Pacific to mark Grand Admiral Istillian's birthday. In a solid display of unity the sailors, soldiers, and Hawks banded together to surprise the Grand Admiral with this operation, and even drafted an incredibly meaningful and detailed World Factbook Entry to display across the 33 targets they hit. The following is the legend of Istillian's military origins in Ithilien, Gondor, as told by Ensign Vor, and edited by Captain Kazaman - we certainly hope you enjoy the creativity and camaraderie of our forces, and know that you would be more than welcome to sail beside our fleet too.


On one brisk winter night in the southernmost region of Ithilien, the story of a strong and capable Ranger begins. The forces usually guarding the people of the Anduin River valley were diverted to man skirmishes at the border with Harad, leaving the area dangerously unprotected. Raids by hostile pirates from Umbar were sure to come. If nobody stepped in, the once peaceful villages lining the river would be mercilessly pillaged.

The region was in dire need of a protector. At first, only one man alone took responsibility: a man of Ithilien, a family man. He sent out a call to arms and assembled the townsfolk in order to stamp out the pirate attacks. Armed with nothing but makeshift bows, axes and various other cheap weaponry, they approached the river's edge, multiple pirate ships advancing on the horizon.

The townspeople immediately respected the Istillian for his steadfast loyalty to his people. He directed the townspeople to build fortifications, and perhaps even more importantly, set up a trap near the river's edge! They then retreated back into the forest, waiting for their foes.

The pirate ships came closer and closer. But something was wrong ... the trap didn't go off. The ships were passing through! But then a series of cracks sounded from the river's edge beyond. They suppressed their cheers of joy and relief as they saw the pirates rush to save their ships. But with gashes on the hull from hidden metal implements in the water the pirates were doomed.

Knowing this was the time to strike, Istillian led his company quietly through the forests to the riverbank. Once within a stone throw's reach, they were finally spotted by the otherwise distracted pirate crew. It was then that Istillian ordered the men to charge. Hundreds of townsfolk, even the most timid, at the command of their natural leader, made a ferocious charge at the pirates. While not trained, their sheer number and courage overwhelmed the pirates' forces. Little by little, Istillian's men pushed the pirates back to one of the pirate ships that hadn't sunk, and watched with cheers and jeers how the pirates retreated from the villages.

With this victory, it was not only the townspeople who celebrated Istillian grand leadership and combat ability, but news of his deeds reached the rest of Gondor. When the Southern Rangers returned from the skirmishes on the Harad border, they had already heard about his leadership and cunning, and put him in charge of repairing and operating the nearly sunk pirate ships that were left behind. This is the story of how Istillian, through his brave and incredible deeds, established his own naval fleet, now forming part of the Southern Rangers. Let it be known, there is no better guardian than Istillian, Grand Admiral of his fleet, and protector of his people.

If naval service interests you, please visit our LinkOffice of Naval Recruitment. We would love for you to join us!


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