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Overview of The Foreign Affairs Ministry of Thaecia

The Foreign Affairs Ministry of Thaecia

Welcome to the overview of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Thaecia. Our ministry has existed since the region's foundation, the 22nd January 2019. The Ministry's main responsibility is representing Thaecia on the global stage, but also undertakes other tasks like the organisation effort of cultural events like festivals. We strive to align ourselves with regions who share our values, and have embarked on a project to undo the isolationist foreign policy of previous administrations. This project has been ongoing since March 2020. Thaecia is a democratic region which prides itself on inclusivity and tolerance. We strongly reject hateful ideologies and regions who practice them, like fascism, and will seek to distance ourselves from such sorts of people.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry is led by our Foreign Affairs Minister Andusre. We presently have no Deputy. Please contact Andusre for any inquiries. The Foreign Affairs Ministry also liaises regularly with the Prime Minister of Thaecia, The Bigtopia, and the President/World Assembly Delegate of Thaecia, The Marconian State.