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The Royal Family in Exile

Segadaís status as a Commonwealth Realm under the Woodlawnian monarchy has brought some interesting events within this status. Three times in Segadaís history has it hosted members of the Royal Family in exile. In 1936 King James VI and his wife Doris Thompson filed for asylum in Segada. This was due to Doris Thompson being a divorcee. Which a unmarried royal cannot marry unless the royal is divorced. The royal house expelled James and his wife. Also when a royal family member is expelled from the royal family they canít live in Woodlawn. Jamesís brother Gregory ascended to the throne. They would spend the rest of their lives in exile from Woodlawn never to return. In 1995 Princess Irene divorced Prince Robert. Prince Robert married his mistress Veronica. This divorce caused Irene to be expelled from the family. She lost custody of the young princes Warren and Henry and could never set foot on Woodlawnian soil again. To this day the 59 year old exiled royal still lives in Tuntinwa. Then in 2020 Prince Henry his wife Marlene Holland and their infant son Daniel were expelled from the royal family. This was done on their own volition. The young couple decided to file for exile for fears of being stalked by the press in Woodlawn. In February they settled in Vanhaberg Then in October of this year the couple decided to return to Woodlawn.