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OOC Stuff

If you're reading this, I'm honestly surprised. I'm a boring person, but I'm glad you're here. Oh, my alternate accounts are Estrea, Nilesia and Paltoria. They're pretty much exact copies with only minor differences. I pay attention to Paltoria the same amount I do to Halexandria, since Paltoria was my first nation, while Estrea and Nilesia I focus less on because I really don't care that much about them. I was originally planning on making Estrea my main, but I made some mistakes early on with Estrea, so it got demoted. For history, I just decided to copy my stuff from Halexandria and put it into Paltoria, but I wanted to expand Paltoria's history so I could make it more unique. I'll edit it to make it less... copied later on.

Random stuff people said about me on the forums:

SS-AAA: Halexandrian GF:
> Maybe a second-generation immigrant
> Pretty chill and easygoing
> Is in the military
> Interested in astronomy
> Takes you stargazing

Hmm... Not 3, for sure. Not a fan of being separated from my GF for significant amounts of time, nor do I want her to be in a place where her life's at stake. 1... is iffy. Hard to say what you find attractive without stepping into sensitive territory. Everything else is fine.


Free Ravensburg: Are we in Halo?

No, we’re fighting Halexandria, again

Don't play Halo, so it's just a coincidence, I guess.


Saralonia: "Comrades, Prepare for a mass offensive tomorrow, we shall win against the capitalist pigs!!!"

-Some general

"Now that I think about it, what do we know about them?"

-The same general

Absolutely nothing. My Delta Initiative will keep it that way.


Tilminese Federation: “William Stevenson is the complete opposite of everything The Overseers stand for. Our judgment of him will be harsh, as he only deserves the worst punishment that can be given. His progressive politics embodies pure heresy, and his entire nation should be punished for such. His godlessness should be the indicator for his fate, and all who merely contemplate sympathizing with this creature shall be crucified.”

You have Overseers, I have Overseers, too! Well, just one. He's pretty cool. I'll make something for him later. As for the godlessness, eh, even if I was a religious nation, I couldn't have a national religion anyways because I'm too small of a nation. I'm an atheist, but tolerant of religion so I want that to be reflected in my country and president. But to see these guys focus on President Stevenson specifically, that's a huge compliment, because it means our influence is expanding. Ha ha!


Valentine Z: An interesting combination of factbook types - ones that are the typical (but decently written!) overviews, history entries, and the like, while at the same time having teasers for their more... secretive projects.

Pretty good read for me overall. ♥

I'm glad it was a good read. The standard factbooks are meant to kind of cover up the fact there are hidden projects out of the public eye. The Delta Initiative's based on the SCP Foundation, but instead of containing anomalies, they're just a secret scientific and militaristic organization that works to protect Halexandria from the shadows while ensuring its advancement into the future.


Tranzoria: For a newer nation with lesser experience on the Forums, they handle their Lore well.

Well, thank you. I love developing lore, so this is a big compliment.


Happy Halex.


More to come soon. Format will update as well. More of a basic outline right now. Shoutout to Kiu Ghesik for inspiring me to do this. Check his OOC stuff out here.