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Weekly Investment Sale

Weekly Investment Sale

It's time for the Bank of NationStates's weekly investment sale! For those of you who are new to this, the Bank of NationStates releases a factbook each week detailing a set of cards it holds being sold at market value.

For every .05 worth of card you buy, we will send you .01 worth of bank (by means of cards worth that much) on a bi-monthly basis. That means that every bit of bank you spend on an investment sale will be fully earned back in 10 months.

Investment sales help players to gain valuable cards and some extra bank over time, and they help BNS to liquidate cards into usable bank. So please, feel free to buy any of the listed cards, and if none of them interest you, please upvote this post and share it with your region. It helps out us (and them) a lot.

Without further ado, let's see what we've got:

- Two (2) Quarter pound for .25 bank.

- One (1) Oslasa7 for .20 bank.

- One (1) Kappacon for 1.95 bank.

Thanks for reading!

Published by Bank of NationStates. Please contact The Bank of NationStates by telegram for more information.