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Eucimenical Council 2020-21

The Holy Eucimenical Council of The Church of the Wooloo Pact for the annai deum 2020-2021
It being declared by his honorable grace Yazakhastan bishop of Wooloo protector and promoter of the faith that there shall be convened in this region an Eucimenical Council in order to assist in court matters and matters of justice, as well as to maintain order and peace within the region.
Rules to join
I. You must be a member of the church of wooloos
II. You must have sworn allegiance to the wooloos pact
III. You must have not been banned, or ejected from the wooloo pact for treason,moderation issues, or anything which might be deemed questionable by the papal authority.
IV. You must be of the Christian or Catholic Faith.
V. You must be baptized
VI. Your nation must have a low secularism rate or promote faith highly
VII. You must be a member of an alliance.
The Gold Mines
Council Members
King Mewtwo