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The Leftist Times, Edition #5 - We’re Back!

Foof! It’s been a while. We’re now well into Secretary Kavagrad’s term, we came second in N-Day, lots of new legislation has been passed (did I mention we came second in N-Day?) and we came second in N-Day! Not a bad record.

Renjj , Editor of the Leftist Times

Potato Alliance Stages A Miracle N-Day Comeback

If you were to look at the N-Day Scoreboard (for those who don’t know, N-Day is an annual full 24 hours of absolute nuclear catastrophe in NationStates) in the first few hours, you couldn’t even see the Potato Alliance, the faction in which TLA was a member of. We had a pretty measly start. It was pretty hopeless. But, just a few hours later, if you were to look at that same scoreboard, you would see something phenomenal.

The Potato Alliance was now second place.

Due to the brilliant efforts of the thousands of Potato-allied nations, we were able to cement ourselves in N-Day history. The Augustin Alliance ultimately won, but we came second. The best people always come second (I’m talking to you, Bernie).

Invasion or Just New Members?

Something odd has been happening in TLA. In very quick succession, a bunch of new nations joined us, posting very similar messages on the RMB. This led Sauros to believe that the notorious Confederation of Corrupt Dictators was attempting an invasion (after all, one of the nations had the flag of the old German empire). We’ll keep you up to date on this sus story.

Congrats Jacinda!

Yesterday, Prime Minister of New Zealand and Leader of Labour won a landslide second term! This is mainly down to her superb handling of the COVID Crisis. We wish her a great second term!