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Episode ? ( I have lost Count): The Return of the Emperor (but not the Empire)

In a galaxy not that far away, in fact this galaxy, a new dawn in the life of the United Kingdom has started and it is marked with the return of Emperor James Francis Smith, The Emperor once believed to be dead has reappeared and has with him an Army and a Fleet of space craft, his base of operations is unknown.

One thing stands between him and the nation that he used to rule, Queen Stephanie. The young Queen has already displayed tenacity and has shown her hatred of the Emperor. The two related by blood lack anything further in common with each other.

The Emperor now sits and prepares for a future in which there may be trouble and strife.

The Imperial Order is a large Militaristic Order that boast 10 Million soldiers and a fleet of 25 Galactic Dreadnoughts, the fleet deploys 30 Million battle droids that carry out some of the main work of the order.

A secret project 50 years ago called Loki created a Space Station that has slowly moved away from the system and is big enough to be able to support life for millennia.

The Imperial Order deploys troops that wear Red Mandal Armour, and uses similar weapons. These troops are trained to the same level of Phoenix Troop.

Spending 30 years in the shadows has made this order extremely mistrusting of all nations, and have over the years killed anyone who has got too close to their Space Station.

The United Kingdom of Keswickholt