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The Greater Eurasia Journal - Edition #13

Independence crisis in Eurasies

Betty Morrissette | October 16, 2020

In red, Communist occupation zone

Eurasies is going through a diplomatic crisis, since the Eurasian Revolutionary Army (a rebel group of the extreme left), has militarily occupied a part of the North of Eurasies, in the Siber region. The communist rebels demand that the government recognize the independence of the occupied zone to avoid confrontations, but the government has repeatedly refused to comply with their demands.

The Interim Government, led by Taylor Méndez, has ordered the mobilization of more than 23,000 troops to the conflict zone, with the aim of violently confronting the insurrection. After several days of clashes and shootings in the area, both sides agreed to a temporary ceasefire, in an attempt to find a diplomatic solution to the problem.

Countries such as Ikheria, Serbia-Macebonia and Pilipinas and Malaya have shown their support for the Eurasian Government, recognizing that the occupied territory is sovereign property of the Federal Republic of Eurasies and have refused to recognize the Eurasian United People's Republic as a legitimate and independent country. While Saralonia has decided to remain neutral, although they have declared that they are ready to help the communists.

For the moment, the government controls the situation effectively, and this insurrection seems to be losing steam. Yesterday the communist rebels took hostage the civilians living in the area and threatened to assassinate them if no favorable agreement was reached.

Interim President Méndez is really asking for diplomatic support from all nations that defend democracy and human rights, since this situation, if not handled properly, could end in a warlike conflict in the Eurasies. President Ramírez has not commented on this crisis, although he is probably concerned about what will happen.

The Department of Foreign Relations of Eurasies has sent a statement to Subrasil and Engales and Southern Ireland asking them to show their diplomatic support for the Government, however, neither of the two nations has spoken.

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By Aterileas - 61 Minutes Ago

Those sh*tty communists, they ain't gonna survive

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By Tom Denisov - 168 Minutes Ago

Diplomacy is the best tool to solve this type of conflict, hopefully this does not end in more deaths

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By Revolutionboy - 259 Minutes Ago

Long live the revolution, they are not going to stop us, neoliberal scum!

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