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The Boiling Pot Issue 4: Reflections

The Boiling Pot - Issue 4


A word from the editor: I’ve been sitting on these articles for far too long. I’d like to take this time to apologise to Kitsy for the delay in publishing them. I sure haven’t had the most productive summer and I’m sure many of us know alcohol is a far too tempting thing to while away your time with. To spice up our somewhat outdated articles I’ve added a couple of retrospective notes here and there, and our last article contains my personal thoughts on the future, as well as changes to the STU’s government going forwards. To the future!

The Birthday of an Overlord: Cocktail Party!

On the 25th of July the STU simmered with excitement, a celebration was cooking and the citizens had come dressed in their best cocktail outfits ready to party. The Directorate had set up the cocktail lounge, we had a bar which came with it’s own bartender (thank you Bad Science, for your devoted service - unpaid, of course, this is NS :P) and a number of fun mini-games to get everyone involved. The STU’s election for the Tribunate was also around the corner, and nominations opened the same day. Our two-time Tribune, Skylar, began our day by wondering about the prospect of a re-nomination, only to declare, “Bah, a question for tomorrow. Today, we DRINK!” starting with apple juice. Editor’s note: Apple juice is, of course, god’s nectar.

Our primary birthday activity was an activity where citizens were encouraged to “pin the tail” on Kit, who had been de-tailed through some photo-editing magic. Kit went from the ultimate dinosaur, to the Kitception, to a devil-Kit, and finally Josh’s favourite became the STU’s regional flag changed for a day. The favourite image was an amazing image created by our very own delegate, Antarctic SARNZ, who designed a combat Kit.

Our drinks-vs-counting game was inevitably popular where ultimately the citizens did win, reaching a high of 420 at one stage between Josh’s drinks. Editor’s note: I dispute this win - messed with them by counting to 421 and then having another drink :P Our #bar proved popular with the locals, water, cocktails and whiskey along with tea all being served until closing time, the almighty Director reminding us that “water is always important while drinking.

Secret Hitler and Skribbl were the community games of choice and after all the singing was said and done, our voice channel busy as ever, it was time to close off the celebrations. To sum up our first Annual Josh-Day (Editor’s note: lol I guess that’s what we’re calling it now) as said by Josh, ‘Director of the Technate, the All-Seeing, the All-Knowing, Overlord of the Geese Gooses, Dictator of the Stew, Tateregg,’ himself, “I .died.” We, the stew ingredients of the STU, will definitely be looking forward to next year’s celebrations. Editor’s note: I, for one, resent the idea of getting older.

Writing credits: Uncuteatoo, Imperium of Josh

Add a dash of Tribunate with a sprinkling of Nobsey

Keeping an eye on what’s been cooking has proved to be difficult after a busy few months within the Social Technocratic Union. We are proud to announce the election of Qiyi Guo/N0b0dy as the People’s Tribune for this quarter. Editor’s note: Whoops, almost last quarter now, lol. Our candidates were strong, however N0b0dy provided the goods and was elected for his first season of People’s Tribune. Commenting on his big win after an enigmatic loss in the previous election, N0b0dy stated, “Well I attribute my own election success as a product of general luck and mild interest in what I was proposing to implement,” pledging to continue implementing our new Debate section and to better the STU newspaper bringing him to boil over the line.

With five candidates our People’s Tribune position proved the popular bake for the third time running, unfortunately dwindling to four after two-time electee, United Angeer/Skylar, having to pull out. Deciding “it would be best to focus all my attention on them rather than trying to split my focus, which would only result in neither my real life, nor the Union getting the attention it deserves.” However in reflection on the elected N0b0dy, provided some wisdom, “I'm happy Nobsey won, he's a devoted and hardworking individual with lots of interesting ideas, he has my support for the time being and I think he is a worthy successor. Ever since he first got into the Union he has been active and hard working and although his first run at Tribune didn't get him very far, I'm glad to see that he's achieved his goals and I hope he continues to work hard... and Nobsey if you're reading this, you best do a good job, I've got my eye on you.”

Reviewing the candidates really proved how impressive they really were with Bad Science/Bad promising to host magnificent festivals and events for the STU, Milenion/Icarus wanting to implement weekly creative challenges and games nights, and Skylar promising to engage more with our community. Solokha/соломон let time outpace them, unfortunately not managing to produce a full campaign, but still managing to obtain a decent number of votes. соломон however apologised whilst being interviewed, after being asked whether they would follow through with their goals as outlined in the campaign; “Probably. I suppose it doesn't help that I technically did not have any stated plans for the region (so sorry about that), but if you remember from the first election, you'll know I mentioned wanting to sponsor more socialist policies interregionally. A vote for socialism is a vote for the people, after all.”

When asked what influenced our candidates to run for the position, first timer Bad advised “I was inspired to run for Tribune because of my past experiences. I've been in leadership positions on NS for about a year total, and it was super fun interacting with citizens”. And with all of our candidates informing us they would run again it proved to be an enjoyable event for the citizens. In reflection on our third tribunate term in STU proved there is still very much an interest in People’s Tribune and wanting to make an impact in our great little region. Editor’s note: Nobsey has certainly fulfilled his promise regarding structured debates, for which I am glad! I would be intrigued to see candidates with more long-term plans becoming a thing. Or, maybe I’ll shorten the Tribune’s sitting period… hmm…

Writing credits: Uncuteatoo, Imperium of Josh

An Unexpected Global Event

Under the cover of darkness, STU forces moved to Smol Fur Empire, a small, 14-nation region that, due to its position late in the update, was the target of several tag raids. Unfortunately, it was at this moment that the sirens started ringing, warning for impending nuclear war. As such, the jump was missed. Assuming defenders would be hiding in their nuclear bunkers all day long, the STU decided to stick around, and indeed, when update hit, Erentah became delegate of Smol Fur Empire. With aid from Lone Wolves United, we dug in, waiting for the inevitable defender horde. Defenders again didn't show, likely still busy launching nuclear missiles at their enemies. With further support from The Black Hawks, Caer Sidi and Karma, we then proceeded to hold the region for roughly a week. Despite constant defender attempts at draining our influence, we held fairly well, keeping the gap at a comfortable margin.

We were enjoying our comfortable margins until the East Pacific and the South Pacific decided to throw their full weight behind defender efforts. By sending out a combination of regional telegrams and pings through discord they, combined with the North Pacific Army, significantly bolstered defender numbers, coming within range of taking the delegacy several times over the weekend. Despite this, the STU managed to hold the region over the weekend. While defenders failed to take the delegacy, they did gain a lot of influence. While it was possible to remove them, it would take a long time to do so. It was therefore determined it would be best to set a date to conclude the operation, and this date was decided to be after minor update on the 7th of October. With the assistance of our friends in The West Pacific Armed Forces and the Europeian Republican Navy, the endorsement count was raised to 106 endorsements, making this the largest multi-day siege battle in years.

Having reached our planned date for the operation's conclusion on the 7th, STU forces and their allies dropped World Assembly membership, though the Regional Officers remained behind in order to delay defender cleanup efforts. With upwards of a hundred endorsements, over 300 defenders ejected and banned on their attempted liberations, the operation is considered to have been concluded successfully.

Writing credits: A Bloodred Moon

Looking Forwards

I figure now is as good a time as any to write a piece on our future as a region, gives this whole edition more of a mirrored feeling. The STU has come a very long way since the start of the year, which is around when it first began to pull in nations, and has changed greatly. The world has, too, but I’m sure you all know that. COVID really has been something…

When I started this region I didn’t have the ability to provide for a military, but did vaguely muddle my way through setting up an RP. Thanks to Jo, as one can see above, we now have something of a military force, and I’d like to focus on expanding and improving that. Counter to this, while the RP initially saw some interest, the STU is not an RP region, and activity has fallen off to non-existence in recent months, the active citizens we have retained taking little interest. For me, this is no issue, I never intended to create a hub for RP and the social hub with one or two toes in GP that we currently have is something I like, and something that works for me. With this in mind, the STU will be retiring and archiving its RP section, while integrating #map into General Chats, and retaining it as a legacy feature, because it’s a cool map, and I worked hard on that thing. Consequently the RP Department of government will also be retired. In addition, the WA Department has proven almost entirely redundant for its lifetime, given the dictatorial nature of our region, and will also be retired, with its endorsement program functions transferred to Gameside Engagement. This will result in the termination of employment for some lower government functionaries, and I encourage any impacted by this to contact the Directorate about working in a remaining department.

One thing I set out to do with the STU was to provide a starting place for players that would allow them, if they so desire, to branch out from the STU and pursue their own goals around NS. I think the STU has been a success for this purpose, having produced a player (Tenurium) who has gone on to become Caer Sidi’s Taoiseach (CS seems to have a mission to make everyone spell anything related to them incorrectly), and introduced a new mainstay of R/D (Jeen) to R/D. Besides these two, our established citizenry are now far more knowledgeable about the game, and I’m proud of that. Our population has seen a steep decline since the dizzying heights of the Drewpocalypse (400 down to 130), but those we have retained have been wonderful additions to the region, and to the game as a whole. As part of the STU’s continuing mission to promote Technocracy, improve player skill-sets, and our drive to grow and improve our military, a new and revamped recruitment campaign will be beginning shortly.

I look forward to presiding over the STU, in all its (my) glory, for a long time to come. Here’s to the eternal technocratic revolution!

Writing credits: Imperium of Josh