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Milan Main (1988 - present), Western Magarati footballer

Milan Main (pronounced as Me-lahn Ma-inn; born 10 June 1988) is a Western Magarati professional footballer who plays for Haalban City club of Ostehaar as an attacking midfielder, but can also be deployed as a winger. He is renowned for his technical skills and creativity; due to his agility, finesse and versatility as an attacking midfielder.

Main began his senior career as a member of his hometown club FC Tamuwan in the Dragon Division. He garnered break-out attention in the 2009-10 season which garnered him a $15 million transfer to San Montagnan club FC Chyobang. After the 2012-2013 season, Main relocated to Ostehaar to join Haalban City in a deal worth $50 million, making him the most expensive Western Magarati player of all time.

At international level, Main played 92 matches for the "United Magarat" football team; scoring 23 goals and registering 40 assists. He also won a record five (Western) Magarati Player of the Year awards. After the 2018 IFAF Western Isles Cup, Main retired from international competition.

Early life

Main was born in Ghan Pokhara, the capital of Second Tamuwan Hangate in the Western Magarati Federation. He played, at youth level, for various local clubs in the city between 1995 and 2000.

FC Tamuwan


FC Chyobang


Haalban City


United Magarat Football Team


Style of play

A quick, agile, creative and technical player with good dribbling skills; Main is a versatile midfielder who excels in an advanced playmaking role as a winger on either flank or as an attacking midfielder through the center of the pitch. During the 2010 IFAF Western Isles Cup, he was also deployed in the new false-10 or central winger role. Due to his tendency to drift from the center into a wide position when in possession of the ball, he has also been deployed in a more advanced role where he usually functions as a second striker as he often drops into deeper positions from which he can link the midfield with the attack and initiate passing moves. He has even played as a center-forward on occasion, seemingly operating as a lone striker, but actually operating false 9 role. An elegant left-footed player; his main attributes are his vision, his control, movement (both on and off the ball), positional sense, finesse, passing range and accurate crossing ability as well as his delivery from set-pieces which allow him to get into good attacking positions, create chances and provide many assists for his teammates or even score goals himself.

Due to his creative ability and offensive prowess as a playmaker, Main has been called "assist-king" in the media. In the 2012 IFAF Western Isles Cup qualifier against TBDnation, he scored a goal which has been described as a "work of art".

Despite his reputation as an offensive playmaker, Main has also drawn criticism at times for his lack of physicality and his low defensive work-rate off the ball. Despite his success, he has also been accused by some in the sport of going missing in important or physical games.

His nickname among the fans of Haalban City is Brok (Oster word for "Raven"); playing on his smart and opportunistic style of play.

Personal life

He hails from the Main clan, which is belongs to the Tamu tribe (a Western Kirati group). According to Main's own words and the majority of sources, all of his ancestors were ethnically Tamu. However, there are sources that claim Main might have some ethnic Tabajaran Marian ancestry (like most Tamuwanis from "noble clans"). During his time at school in Ghan Pokhara, Main and his predominately Tamu classmates spoke only in Tamu Kyi; making it difficult for him to learn Nyssic, the official language of Western Magarati Federation.

Main is a practicing Buddhist.

Despite being a Western Magarati citizen, Main is an active member of the Dragao do Mar-based Tamu Samaj. He is extremely popular among his Marian football fans.



In 2014, as part of a campaign by the Tamu Samaj, he donated an estimated $24 million to pay for sick Dragao do Marian children to have medical surgery as a "personal thank you for the hospitality of the Marian people".

Starting in 2017, he has worked with several charity groups across the Isles to help children suffering from cancer.


Media and sponsorship

In 2013, Main signed a sponsorship deal with Western Magarati sportswear and equipment supplier Same Group. He has appeared in commercials for Same Group's Cobra boots.

His autobiography, The Main Game, was released in March 2017.