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Application for Vice-President



  • Must be active in NationStates at least once every two days (excluding vacations or prolonged education)

  • Must have an understanding of formatting tags, and how to properly use them

  • Must be a registered senator who is either a member of the Royal Authoritarian Party or is willing to join the Royal Authoritarian Party

  • Must be able to write in clear and concise English, with correct spelling and grammar


The following questions must be answered in a clear way, and sent directly to Dame Anastasia Clarke HCS of The Medical Dictatorship of HMS NHS by telegram or other means ((Discord))

  • Why do you want to be Vice-President of the Imperial Senate?

  • What will you do to expand your office and or help the region?

  • Can you keep the peace between nations effectively?

  • Do you understand how to use NationStates formatting tags like (list) and (b)?

  • Do you fully understand the duties you have been given by the Government Act 2020?

  • What is the name of the individual who would be Vice-President from your nation?

The application deadline is the 30th October 00:00 UTC (12am).

If the RAP win the election, the chosen Vice-President will be disclosed publicly on the RMB, when the election is over.

If you have any questions, then please contact me

Hail the Confederation

The Hon. Dame Anastasia Clarke HCS
Acting-President of the Imperial Senate
The Crew of HMS NHS