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Holy Fuhrer Hans Lebenhauer von Altenkreis

Early life

Little information is available on his early life due to the fact it is remarkably unremarkable. He is the son of lower born nobles, his father, Arndt Lebenhauer von Sonneland was in a cavalry division and was known to be very calm and collected, he married his wife, Monica and had seven children, his oldest being Hans. Hans enrolled in Sonneland university and studied political theory and Altenkreiser history, both courses he recived a masters degree in.

Rise to Power

Hans usurped power from the previous royal house during a coup he organized with his cavalry unit, executing them on the grounds of a new inbreeding law introduced by Alaric the Feeble during one of his fits of madness. After this, he executed the remainder of house Sternberg via firing squad. When he was crowned as Fuhrer, he dropped the Sonnlander title and took the title of Altenkreis instead, so that he would represent all of Altenkreis.

Historic reforms

Hans was the first Fuhrer to repeal laws that enforced the monarchies power. Altenkreis citizens are no longer required to salute a painting of the current royal family each morning (or own one for that matter). He currently is working on modernizing the economy by dissolving workers guilds and selling the property to citizens. He is also looking into modernizing industry and introducing more modern electrical systems to the country. he has also stopped the persecution of the Thalic (Tall-ic) people in the far northern and eastern colonies, even allowing them to obtain citizenship and serving in the military (Though miscegenation laws are still in place due to them being a separate species, meaning bestiality charges now apply to both parties).


Hans has been under scrutiny from the layman's congress due to his use of chemical weapons (mustard gas) on dissidents in the far north who were attempting to gain some autonomy from the crown. There is also the issue of the Nachtsoldaten, a secret police force who arrest potential threats and make people disappear. Due to him only coming into power in 1697, his five years of power since the war of the eagles has been very controversy free compared to house Sternberg before him.

Foreign Relations

Hans is a relatively insular leader due to his concerns over the state of the nation, though he has made the daring move to recognize the city of Amnester & Darnstadt as a independent city state from the empire of Altai in the far southeast. Hans has shown himself to be a competent person when dealing with other countries in western and eastern Efral, however he has escalated tensions with the Free Thalic Confederacy, due to nearly throwing up after eathibg their national dish (pickled shark served with cloud berries, lamprey sausage and mammoth carpaccio).


Hans is confident, gregarious and straight to the point when he speaks. He (like most Altenkreiser) refuses to sugar coat statements and often curses out ambassadors who offend him due to his harsh temper and irritation when he has to listen to long winded speeches about solidarity or unity.