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Rules <<WIP>>

1). The size of an initial claim will be limited to around fifty (50) hexes at first (with exceptions, see rule 8) with an option to expand into additional territories after a period of time and activity requirements are met.

2). The map is divided up into hexes which are, as far as claiming goes, considered to be a single territorial unit. Some claimable hexes are cut off from the main imperium, but these can be claimed regardless of any visible connection.

3). Claims do not have to be contiguous. You may claim an area of three hexes or larger that are disconnected from your main claim.

4). Claims will be considered on a first-come first-serve basis. Denied claims will be given a chance to resubmit a modified claim once before the area they are trying to claim once again becomes available to openly claim.

5). All expansions must be approved by moderation first and then RPed. No exceptions. There is no upper limit to how many times you can expand so long as it’s approved and RPed.

6). You must also choose your noble title when making your claim. There are some advantages and disadvantages to each noble rank.
Archduke: They can vote on the Emperor and vote to designate a Regnier. There can only be nine and they will be given out on a first-come first-served basis. An Archduke cannot be the Regnier.
Duke: If a duke may choose to claim 47 hexes instead of 50, and upgrade their home world from a major world to a capital world. Capital worlds host a Church Patriarch
Margrave: a margrave’s primary claim must be on the border of the Imperium. They can also claim two (2) additional hexes.
Count: Counts can only claim 40 hexes, but a Count can roleplay as a non-human (ie an alien) House.

7). With the support of a simple majority of Archduke's, an RPer may become the Regnier. This person serves as Imperial Regent. As Regnier they can grant an expansion of up to five (5) hexes to one RPer or an expansion of one (1) hex to up to five RPers.

8). An RPer can become Emperor only with the support of seven (7) or more Archduke’s. An Archduke can become Emperor with the support of all eight (8) other Archdukes. Once Emperor, the RPer can grant out the Imperial Offices.
Regnier: (see rule 7)
Magistrate: Serves as Governor of Taer Atlos including its military garrison.
Patrician: The Master of Commerce. This position impose taxes and tariffs on other Houses.
Strategos: Commander of the Imperial Navy and Imperial Legions, the Supreme Military Commander over the entire Imperium.
Treasurer: The Imperial Treasurer has direct oversight of the Imperial Mint and the Imperial Reserve.

9). As long as it does not contradict the rules or lore of the setting, RPers are free to worldbuild their territories as they see fit. This includes laws and customs, culture, and planets.

Included with your claim image should be:
[code]Name of House:
Capital World: (please include its location on your claim)
Noble Title: [/code]