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Soviet Democracy Regional Map


Map Roster





The Federation of Politiania

Greater Korea


Siberian anarchist front



The Socialist Utopia of Ex Patrian SSR



The Neo-Ottoman Empire of Panhist Turkey



The Holy Empire of The Justinian Horde

Eastern Mediterranean


The Technocratic Republic of Technocratic Union of Britain

British Empire


Making A Claim

Initial Land Claims
    To claim a plot of land on the regional map, please follow the procedure below:
  • Telegram the incumbent cartographer (Korpar) with the land you wish to claim, and the colour you would like to represent your nation.

    • Your claim should include no more than 15 map provinces.

      • 1 additional province can be claimed if your military factbook is in order or if you have a detailed factbook regarding your nation when claiming.

      • Your claim must not already be taken by another nation.

    • Ensure you qualify to hold land under the regulations set out below.

      • Your nation must have been in the region for no less than 5 days.

      • Your in-game national population must not be lesser than 20 million.

      • Your nation in Soviet Democracy must be a member of the World Assembly.

      • You must have an account in the LinkSoviet Democracy Discord server.

      The incumbent cartographer may reject any claim that does not fit the requirements.

    Expanding Land Area

      If you would like to expand the land claim on the regional map, please do the following:
    • To claim one additional province of land, you must detail your expansion of land in no less than 100 words. You may claim up to 7 tiles in a single post, with an appropriate amount of words for each.

    • Any new land claimed must border territory your nation already owns, or be directly accessible by the sea.

    • Once you have made your post, telegram the cartographer with a link to the post or do the same in the #map_claims channel on Discord, and outline your expansion.

    • In the event that you wish to take a province that is under dispute, or claim a province from another user, all factions involved must make detailed invasion or defensive posts, and the cartographer shall make a decision based on the most extensive and realistic content of said posts.

    • Nations can gift no more than two provinces to another nation each week, providing the expansion fits all of the regular criteria. When a nation leaves the region or voluntarily removes their claim, they may grant as many as five provinces of their territory to a nation of their choice.

    Moving & Removing Map Claims

      The following is the procedure for moving your map claim from one location to another, or completely removing it. This section also details reasons for your claim being removed entirely by the cartographer.
    • If you would like to move your claim, telegram the incumbent cartographer with where you intend to move your claim to.

      • Your new claim must be no more than 15 provinces, and must not be claimed by another user.

      • You must still follow all the rules for making an original claim when moving your claim.

    • Providing you follow all requirements, your first move should not be questioned. The cartographer is permitted to decline your second move with the permission of the Executive Committee. All further location moves can be denied by the cartographer without reason or permission.

    • If you would like to completely remove your map claim, telegram the cartographer requesting that your land is rescinded. You are not by any means guaranteed the right to reclaim your old land in the future.

    • Your land on the map may be removed in totality by the cartographer in the following circumstances:

      • You no longer meet requirements to hold land;

      • You have removed your nation from the region;

      • Another user would like to claim your land, and you do either not roleplay or are inactive.

    The Cartographer is required to stay neutral in roleplay at all times, so they can resolve land disputes without prejudice or bias. The Executive Committee is entitled to override any actions of the cartographer.

The Socialist Utopia of Ex Patrian SSR

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