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Delegate's Address (14 October 2020)

My dear Minions South Pacificans,

I hope you have all been staying positive and testing negative. ^_^

A New Government

Since the beginning of the month, the South Pacific has seen a wonderful exchange of ideas and visions as Legislators convened to elect a new Cabinet. I offer my heartfelt congratulations to the newly elected Cabinet members and my commiserations for those who were unsuccessful. The incoming Cabinet will formally take office one week from now and will be composed of:

Prime Minister PenguinPies
Minister of Foreign Affairs United Federated States of Omega
Minister of Culture Imperial Dodo
Minister of Engagement United States of Vietnam
Minister of Media Farengeto
Minister of Defence FiHami

If you would like to serve in the executive branch and help advance the Coalition's interests both at home and abroad, I warmly invite you to join our LinkDiscord server where much of this important work happens.

Vote against Condemn Raionitu

The Office of WA Legislation strongly encourages that all nations cast a vote against the current Security Council resolution, Condemn Raionitu. As per the OWL's analysis:

『 Condemn Raionitu is another condemnation proposal that unfortunately falls into the category of "badge of honour for a raider". The proposal was written by a raider colleague of theirs to be an award to Raionitu for their harmful raiding activity. Although it is technically labelled as a condemnation, raiders see these kinds of censures as badges indicating how skilled they are. This proposal uses wordings that clearly wouldn't be in a real condemnation for acts of evil, making it all the more clear that its intentions are in fact to praise Raionitu, not to condemn them. Therefore, OWL recommends a vote against this proposal. 』

Help secure the region

If you have not done so already, may I also kindly ask that you please endorse the region's Supreme Leader, Admiral Delegate General (Amerion that's me! ^_^), along with the members of the Council on Regional Security (Aumeltopia, Erinor, Farengeto, Kringalia, Pencil Sharpeners 2, PenguinPies, Sandaoguo, Qvait, and Tsunamy). Your significant contribution helps keep our Coalition secure and increases the endorsement cap.

Yours at a responsible social distance,


Admiral Delegate General of the South Pacific,

His Supreme Majesty of all Ice Cream, Admiral-General Dentist Doctor Stewie G., the Magnificent Ultimate Leader of all of NationStates, King of Kings, Democratic President and Prime-Minister-For-Life, Invincible and All-Triumphant Lord Commander, Chief Ophthalmologist and board-certified Dermatologist of the South Pacific Special Forces, Brilliant Genius of Humanity, Noble Prize winner in everything but Peace, and Benevolent Oppressor and Ruthless Protector of the Expendable People of Amerion.