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by The Kindness Paradise of Novoblupolia. . 130 reads.

A realistic future novel

Stronk nation 36069420: AHAHAHAHAHAA I'm stronk I'm GONnA ConquER EveryoN!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wubdich: No you're not.

Stronk nation 36069420: NOOOOOOO I gOnA InvadE U nAo!!!!!!!1!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Municipalities of Antarctica: Ah yes, another minor troll.

Stronk nation 36069420: AHAHA ImmA LuAhch NUKZ!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!1!!!!!

Mestovakia: I'm getting sick of you. I declare war on you.

Stronk nation 36069420: NOooOOOOoooOOO Meh StROnK!!!!!!!!11!!!! I kil U !!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!

Katrzynija: i'll help you only and save you from Mestovakia if you unban nudity.

Stronk nation 36069420: NoooNNOOO Newd Is LewD

Novoblupolia: And Lewd is Gewd *proceeds to hug rabbits*

Jar Wattinree: Hippity hoppity you're all my property
*Jar annexes everybody like a boss*


Ballistikov: Fish sucks! It turns people gay! Ban it!

Wubdich: That doesn't make any sense

The Greater Portuguese Confederation: Shut up you stupid commie! Communism sucks!


The Greater Portuguese Confederation: K sry

Bunnies: *Randomly does some nice stuff*

Elixandropolis: Who's up for some footbal, amigos?

The New Ruski Empire:Me!
Karelian Scandinavia:Me!

Xoriet: Please stop trashing the place with your puppet accounts.

definitely not skyclan alt 1:L
definitely not skyclan alt 2:O
definitely not skyclan alt 3:L

definitely not skyclan alt 4:N
definitely not skyclan alt 5:O

Kathol Rift: Hey guys new rp part is out

*everyone cries after finishing reading it*

Wubdich: Hey guys new slice of life chapter is out

*everyone laughs after reading it*

republic of Nooblolololol : Hey guys I'm new

Novoblupolia: *proceeds to send rabbit toys*

republic of Nooblolololol : Thanks

Mestovakia: K imma invade u now.

republic of Nooblolololol : nooooooo

The Pacific Ring: *Just sits there, menacingly*

Trololololo nation 666: E G G S

Trololololo nation 666: E G G S

Trololololo nation 666: E G G S

Trololololo nation 666: E G G S

Trololololo nation 666: E G G S

*gets banjected*

The Kindness Paradise of Novoblupolia