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Alasdair - Map Idea


Alasdair is the name of an RP I would like to establish in the First World Order. It has two features unique among the maps of FWO, time travel and fog of war. Both features work together, as time goes by more of the map would be revealed. And by time I mean in RP time. If the map was to come to fruition, it would start in the Iron Age and eventually end at the start of the 21st Century (unless there is demand for it to go further). The timeline would be roughly split into four Ages, more info on them down below. If the map below looks a little small, that's because it is the starting location and will be expanded upon. Unfortunately, you cannot claim on Alasdair because it is not an official map and hasn't been authorised.

1st Age - 500 BC to 500 AD
2nd Age - 500 AD to 1500 AD
3rd Age - 1500 AD to 2000 AD

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