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Breaking News: Update on Penny Disappearance

Breaking News: Update on Penny Disappearance

After over a month since the beloved bot's last sighting, the residents of The Black Hawks began to lose hope. Many were asking where Penny was, others would simply state that she was still nowhere to be found, while others questioned as to whether there was to be a Penny 3.0. Steak A very small pool of hawks rejoiced in the now-Penny-free nest that had come to be.

However, out of the blue, a recent occurrence has sparked a new sense of hope to the detective hawks causing the investigation to pick up once more. A nation by the name of Penny Thief has posted a ransom note in TBH's gameplay thread. The note seems to imply that there is a region to be found based on hidden contents of the note. The nest hopes that this means that Penny will soon return home safe and sound.