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The Yascelism Pact

Members: 17
Nationality: The ideology came from Acai

Leader: Acai
Vice Leader: Kingdom Of Casetaria

Other Nations: Fyotia, Carj, Uceria, Old Etonia, Western Justice, ROBLOX Chill, Pigeonstan, Grand Toastlandia, Balaslandia, Aprenencia, Eraver, Cretox State, Wiles, Acaian Railroad State, Northern Acaian Railroad State

In 2020, a group of teenagers came together and created Yascelism, it is now widespread in 15 countries, and 2 colonies, Yascelism supports spirituality, environmentalists, economists, and analytics, however, they don't support politics and dictatorships.

Trade Alliances:

Wiles and Acai

Senate: Countries in so far

Kingdom Of Casetaria and Acai

Senate Host City:

Kingdom Of Casetaria's capital city

The Yascelist Empire of Acai