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Season 2 Roleplay Preview

RP Season 2 Preview


Civilization in the Kalranian Solar System continues to expand. The nations of Kalrania, once constantly in upheaval, managed to coalesce into a planetary civilization, with the Kalranian League of Nations taking the lead. Under the governance of the League, and its Secretaries-General, the third planet in the Kalrania system, Durraki, was colonized. The arid world, harsh initially, has been under terraformation continually for decades, with conditions now Kalrania-like, though still resembling a desert, and not ideal. But things changed forever, when the Kalranian colonies on Durraki declared their independence, and set up a planetary government to resist the Kalranian League of Nations, the Durraki Planetary Union. With both planets in uproar, a system-wide conflict looms on the horizon, and control over the entire Kalranian System hangs in the balance.


In the Second Season of the RP, Nations will be allowed to join one of two major factions, these two factions are the Kalranian League of Nations (LoN), and the Durraki Planetary Union (DPU). Nations will apply for a map spot on either Kalrania or Durraki, and this will function as an application to either the LoN or the DPU. Membership in either the LoN or the DPU is mandatory.

Kalranian League of Nations

The League - The Kalranian League of Nations is a supranational union, hailing from the cradle of civilization in the system, Kalrania. The League is led by the Secretary-General, and member-states of the League occupy various positions within the organizational structure of the alliance. Member-nations within the league wrangle for political power through political parties and factions, but there are several common goals between League members.

Kalranian Dominance: The League wishes to ensure that it remains the dominant force in the Kalrania System, through sheer industrial strength, capacity, technology, and force of arms. The member-nations of the League all seek to increase the League's power, through many means.

Defeat of Durraki: The League sees the Durraki Planetary Union as an illegal organization of traitors and rebels, and wishes to counter their influence, topple their government, and establish Durraki as a Kalranian colony once again.

Resource Supremacy: The League wishes to ensure a constant flow of resources to ensure continued growth. Centuries of expansion on Kalrania have left the planet stripped of natural resources, and the League now depends on orbital facilities, mainly those on Kalrania's moon, Luna, to ensure mineral supplies.

Kalranian League of Nations

Faction Information

Faction Flag

Faction Name

The Kalranian League of Nations

Foundation Date

January 8th, 2036 in Cenagrad

Current Secretary General


Territorial Control

Planet Kalrania, Luna

The Kalranian League of Nations is a supranational union, hailing from the cradle of civilization in the system, Kalrania. The League is led by the Secretary-General, and member-states of the League occupy various positions within the organizational structure of the faction. Member-nations within the League wrangle for political power through political parties.

Original League of Nations (2036-)

Founding (2036)
The original League of Nations was a diplomatic initiative established in Cenagrad in the year 2036 with a goal of fostering diplomatic cooperation across Kalrania. The foundation of the organization was developed on the idea that anything the LoN passes was voluntary and that the organization was not intended to serve as a world government, at least not originally.

Creation of LoN Peacekeeping Force (2036-2037)
Six months after the LoN's founding, The desert badlands sponsored a resolution to create a peacekeeping force within the LoN. The resolution ultimately ended up passing. This brought about decades of uncertainty, as the LoN insisted the troops couldn't be deployed without the full support of the recipient nation but skeptical nations saw it as a step closer to a world government.

First Attempted Removal of Permanent Security Council Seats (2046)
The first widely divisive LoN charter amendment to be voted on took place ten years after the establishment of the LoN. Khosrau, with backing from Redpeppers, Werewolf Islands, The Atomic Schism and Dwarf Land4 brought a charter amendment to the General Assembly seeking to abolish the permanent Security Council seats. The amendment failed to pass the two-thirds approval required to adopt charter amendments and was subsequently abandoned.

Crisis in Polfishland (2046-2051)
In 2046 the Rushkarian Council requested that LoN peacekeeping troops be deployed to restore order and halt Evacasiaian troops from commiting war crimes. Several months later the Security Council voted to intervene in Polfishland. At first the intervention was successful with LoN forces successfully halting hostilities along the border region in Polfishland. Over time however both Polfishland and Evacasia took advantage of the main weakness of the LoN, its lack of authority to enforce. 2050 and 2051 saw large scale resumption of hostilities. The Secretary General at the time, Cenagrad decided to cut the LoN's losses as both sides were neglecting the LoN's Ceasefire Mandate. This event exposes one of the biggest flaws in the original LoN. For any reduction of tension to be successful, it has to be something both sides of the conflict actually want. The Polfishland Crisis is widely considered a diplomatic and humanitarian failure.

Second Attempted Removal of Permanent Security Council Seats (2055)
A second attempt was made to abolish the permanent Security Council seats nine years later in 2055. Khosrau with backing from Whicistaion, Oh-My-God Particles, Elpadia, Schwypia, Werewolf Islands, Villadolia, Platininum, Analulu, Dwarf Land4, The Atomic Schism and Evacasia proposed a charter amendment to remove the permanent Security Council seats. This effort failed to pass the two-thirds approval required to adopt charter amendments and was subsequently abandoned.

Establishment of Department Chair Terms (2059)
In 2059 a charter amendment was proposed to set terms to the department level positions in the LoN which up to that point had no official terms specified in the original LoN charter. The amendment also proposed that the Security Council be granted the power to remove a department chair pending a two-thirds vote. The amendment, sponsored by Cenagrad with backing from Redpeppers passed the two-thirds majority required to pass charter amendments and the amendment was subsequently written into the original LoN Charter.

Creation of the Department of International Trade (2062)
Durring Redpeppers time as Secretary General they developed a plan for a new department named the Department of International Trade(DIT). The goal of the department was to set up monetary exchange hubs around the world as well as mediate trade disputes if asked. Redpeppers did not end up establishing the department before Cenagrad was re-elected as Secretary General but the department was established under the latter.

Impeachment and Removal of the 8th Secretary General (2075-2077)
In 2074, new League member Kroraina was elected Secretary General in a shocking upset over longtime Secretary General Cenagrad. The Secretary General was smart and competent however, around a year into their term they vanished from the LoN delegation and no delegate was able to contact them. The Secretary General in the Old LoN was also responsible for bringing resolutions to the General Assembly so without them the LoN couldn't pass resolutions. Recognizing this, impeachment proceedings were drafted and sponsored by Cenagrad with support from Archron Empire, Central State of Kowen and Schwypia. The Impeachment resolution was unanimously approved by the General Assembly. The Security Council unanimously approved to remove the Secretary General a few months later. Rumanian States was chosen as an interim Secretary General to fulfill the remaining year before the Secretary General Election in the beginning of 2078.

International Criminal Court Charter Amendment and reorganization into the Geopolitical Advisory Board (2081)
In 2081 Dwarf Land4 backed by Northern New Solingarch, Archron Empire, Rekken, Nonadia and Ascoiya submitted a charter amendment proposing the creation of an LoN International Criminal Court. The amendment actually passed the two-thirds requirement but was subsuqently blocked from being written into the charter by the Secretary General, Cenagrad. The Secretary General stressed that the LoN couldn't weigh judgement over member nations as it had no power of its own, nor the ability to enforce its verdicts. The Charter Amendment was subsequently rewritten and brought back to the General Assembly for a revote. Instead of an International Criminal Court, Cenagrad and Dwarf Land4 backed by Archron Empire, Rekken and Central State of Kowen proposed the creation of the Geopolitical Advisory Board. The revised amendment passed and was subsuqently written into the original LoN Charter.

Attemped Establishment of Electable Position Limits (2082)
In an attempt to split power from a number of delegates who were continuously being elected to several positions in the LoN Evacasia, with backing from Cenagrad, Kisawan and Northern New Solingarch submitted a charter amendment that attempted to limit the amount of positions a single delegate could hold to two. The amendment failed to meet the two-thirds majority required to pass charter amendments and was subsequently abandoned.

Attempt to deescalate tensions between Ponticianre and Ardalriyah (2088)
In 2088, relations deteriorated between Ponticianre and Ardalriyah to the point that it looked like war was imminent. In an attempt to avoid the conflict, Northern New Solingarch with backing from Cenagrad proposed a resolution requesting that diplomats be sent to Ponticianre. The nation of Ardalriyah collapsed during the General Assembly vote however, so the vote was ended prematurely as war was no longer likely.

Establishment of LoN Fallback Bunkers (2089)
The Letanrican Federation between New cadaria, Evve Terre and Cenagrad collapsed between 2088 and 2089 leaving the City State of Cenagrad without a defending military to protect it. In an ironic twist of fate, the Cenagradian intelligence community received credible intel that there were talks of Evve Terre possibly invading the island. Other League members recognized the significance of a possible invasion of the Leagues HQ and took action. Dwarf Land4 and Ascoiya backed by Khosrau submitted a resolution requesting the creation of fallback bunkers should LoN Headquarters in Cenagrad ever fall. The resolution passed and fallback bunkers were designated in Khosrau, Archron Empire and the Rumanian States. The locations of these bunkers were seen as slightly controversial at the time because they all were located in a single alliance, The Accord. In the end, Cenagrad was never invaded by Evve Terre.

Establishment of Secretary General Consecutive Term Limits (2089-2090)
Cenagrad had been the Secretary General of the LoN for the majority of its existence, barring breaks where Redpeppers and Kroraina were elected to the office. Recognizing this, Khosrau, with backing from Schwypia, Central State of Kowen and Elpadia submitted a charter amendment proposing the creation of consecutive term limits for the Secretary General. The amendment passed the two-thirds majority required to pass amendments and was subsuqently written into the original LoN Charter. In the 2090 Elections because Cenagrad was term limited Khosrau became the first elected Secretary General other than Cenagrad in over 10 years.

PotV Viral Outbreak and LoN Assistance (2092-2094)
The 2090's saw the emergence of several viral outbreaks including the Potato Flu in Doge Land and PotV in Ponticianre. The latter requested Biological Response Unit (BRU) assistance alongside any assistance from LoN members. The biggest assistance came from Doge Land as their medical workforce had already been primed to fight diseases as the Potato Flu was brought under control in their country a short time before the large scale emergence of PotV.

N-62 Flu Outbreak and LoN Assistance (2095)
Following requests by Nonadia to deploy the BRU to their country a resolution was sponsored by Evacasia with support from Basaran, Rumanian States, Dwarf Land4 and Schwypia to send necessary supplies and relief personnel. The resolution passed with near unanimous support with 17 votes in favor and only one in opposition.

Successful LoN Defensive Intervention in Artaecus (2097-2099)
In the Fall of 2097 Artaecus sent a request for assistance to the LoN to dissuade Whicistaion from launching an invasion after the nation remilitarized their border. After a rapid vote the Security Council approved a peacekeeping intervention mission by an 8-1 margin. Rumanian States, Archron Empire, Elpadia, Schwypia, Basaran, Rekken, Cenagrad and Northern New Solingarch voted in approval while Dwarf Land4 voted in opposition. Khosrau did not lodge a vote. The nations of Rumanian States, Schwypia and Cenagrad quickly sent coalition forces in to dissuade any invasion. Remarkably, international pressure succeeded in dissuading Whicistaion from taking any aggressive actions. By December of 2098 the leader of Artaecus requested the removal of LoN forces in their land. Troops were fully removed by early 2099. This was seen as a successful defensive intervention and the first such intervention since the catastrophic failure in Polfishland in 2046.

Secretaries-General of the Original LoN
Cenagrad (2036-2058, 2062-2074, 2078-2090, 2098-2107)
Redpeppers (2058-2062)
Kroraina (2074-2076)
Rumanian States (2077, 2094-2098, 2108-)
Khosrau (2090-2094)

The Government of the League has four main bodies, the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Executive Offices and the Kalranian Federal Court.
A member-state can only hold one electable office at a time. The General Assembly does not apply.

Government Structure

The General Assembly is comprised of a single delegate for every member-state in the LoN. The assembly is responsible for civic actions within LoN space. For example the General Assembly can vote to begin construction of an LoN civilian shipyard or begin building an underground living complex on Luna. A resolution requires a majority vote to pass. The General Assembly cannot pass resolutions that directly limit, interfere with or intrude upon the sovereign right member-states have to enforce their own laws on Kalrania or govern themselves. The Assembly's job is to guide LoN projects off Kalrania, not what happens within the individual member-states that comprise it.

The Security Council has the responsibility to vote on a declaration of war at the request of the Secretary General. If a Secretary General requests a declaration of war on the Durraki Planetary Union, three of the five council members must agree for the declaration to be passed. The Security Council is also allowed to suggest military policy decisions to the Secretary General.

Elections for the Security Council happen on the 1st of every month.

The Secretary General and Undersecretary are the League's Executive positions. Both positions have a consecutive term limit of 2 months.

The Secretary General is the leader of the Kalranian League of Nations. The job of the Secretary General is to handle faction diplomacy with the DPU's Director General. The Secretary General is the highest military authority in the LoN and is allowed to roleplay with the LoN's Space Fleets. They are also allowed to designate Fleet Commanders that can roleplay with the LoN's Space Fleets as well.

The Undersecretary coordinates all General Assembly votes within the LoN. The Undersecretary is responsible for bringing proposals submitted by delegates to the rest of the General Assembly to be voted on. If an Undersecretary is handed a resolution that interferes with, limits or intrudes upon the sovereign right of member-states to enforce their own laws on Kalrania or govern themselves, they are to throw said resolution out. However, a delegate can submit a disputed proposal to the Kalranian Federal Court to determine its legality if they believe the Undersecretary has acted unfairly. If the court determines the disputed resolution is legal, it is to be brought to vote as normal.

Elections for the Secretary General and the Undersecretary happen on the 1st of every month.

The Kalranian Federal Court's job is to determine the legality of a disputed resolution. To determine if a resolution is legal or not consider the following:

1: A General Assembly resolution CANNOT interfere with, intrude upon or violate the right a Kalranian member-state has to apply its own laws within its borders.

2: A General Assembly resolution CANNOT interfere with, intrude upon or violate the right a Kalranian member-state has to determine its own style of government.

3: A General Assembly resolution CANNOT be used by a political party or group in an attempt to secede a portion of LoN owned space to create a new faction.

4: A General Assembly resolution CANNOT attempt to regulate the powers of any of the LoN's Offices.

If a resolution is found to have done any of the above it is to be declared illegal. At least two of the three Federal Judges have to agree for a resolution to be considered legal or illegal.

Elections for the Kalranian Federal Court happen on the 1st of every other month.

Secretary General:


Security Council Seats:
Chair One:
Chair Two:
Chair Three:
Chair Four:
Chair Five:

Kalranian Federal Court
Chair One:
Chair Two:
Chair Three:

Kalranian Fleet Officers
Commander One:
Commander Two:

Political Parties are allowed to form within the LoN and their specific platforms are allowed to influence the decisions they make in their elected offices.

Current Political Parties

Constitution of The Kalranian League of Nations

Charter Preamble

We pledge to protect, maintain and expand the hegemony of the homeworld, Kalrania. As such, we hold the following as common ideals.

LoN Constitution

Article One: Kalranian Dominance

i: We must maintain Kalrania as the dominant power in the Solar System.

ii: We cannot allow the Durraki Planetary Union to subjugate us.

LoN Constitution

Article Two: Defeat and Reintegration of Durraki into the LoN
i: Durraki's rebel government must be reintegrated into the LoN.

ii:The people of Durraki are all descendants of us on Kalrania and as such, it is our mission to reunify with them.

LoN Constitution

Article Three: Continued Expansion

i: To maintain Kalranian power we must seek out resources on other planetary bodies.

ii: Developing on Luna as well as gaining control of the other planetary bodies is vital to our expansion.

Signed by the States of Kalrania

DISCLAIMER: Credit for the formatting of this Overview goes to Ascoiya.
Read factbook

Durraki Planetary Union

    The Union - The Durraki Planetary Union is a powerful federation of nations on the planet Durraki. The Union is led by the Director-General, with member nations occupying various positions within the Union's hierarchy. Durrakians are a proud people, but are by no means unanimous, and multiple political factions exist which compete for power within the framework of the Union. The Union has several common values and objectives which unite Durraki.

    Unwavering Resistance: The Union wishes to continue resisting the Kalranian League of Nations. To this end it has developed industrial capacity, military might, and and a population devoted to Durrakian independence. While not necessarily promoting conflict outright, the Union opportunistically opposes Kalrania where it can, and stands its ground where it must.

    Durraki Terraformation - The Union and the people of Durraki wish to see their arid home transformed into a garden world. Many in the Union will spare no expense in continuing the project, seeking resources and technology to ensure the job gets done, though this often means taking funds out of the war chest.

    Technological Mastery: The initially harsh conditions of Durraki have fostered large-scale technological innovation, designed to make up for Durraki's handicaps. The Union wishes to continue pressing this advantage, in hopes that it may make up for the League's clear advantages in the areas of industry and development.

    Faction Government Structure

    Political Parties

    Official RP Political Parties Information

    Background & Requirements

    Political Parties are groups of nations within each faction that operate as a voting bloc, and are able to influence the actions taken by their respective faction. Official parties receive recognition by the region, and are shown on the party map of their respective faction. Anyone wishing to create a political party must ensure their party meets and remains in compliance with the following rules.

    To be/continue to be recognized as an official party, A party must;

    • Have at least two members.

    • Remain active. (At least two members must be active in the RMB RP)

    • Have a written platform or founding document, explaining the beliefs and objectives of member nations.

    Regarding Platforms

    All official parties must have a written platform, and it must signed by all nations within the party.

    A template for a platform document can be found in the dispatch below. Copy/Paste/Edit at your leisure. (Individuals from other regions should contact Candensia for permission, and provide proper credit.)

    In order to use the template, follow these steps.

    • Click on the link dispatch.

    • Scroll to the bottom of the page.

    • Click on the "Raw" button.

    • Copy the entire dispatch.

    • Paste into a new dispatch.

    • Edit as required.


    Some additional tips to remember when writing a party platform.

    • Remember to use official-sounding language, lest your platform and party sound uninformed.

    • Political parties should, at least, marginally reflect the values of your faction in some way. Parties should list out objectives for their faction that their party supports.

    • Make sure your charter details how prospective members can join the party, as well as how members can leave, and the proper process for doing so.

    • Make sure all members within the party sign the platform.

    Finally, Here is an example of a fully-written party platform.

    Political Party List

    Below is a list of officially recognized parties in THTHI's RMB RP. They are separated by faction.

    Kalranian League of Nations

    Durraki Union

    Read dispatch

    RP Changes and Assumptions

    Be advised, things listed here are things that will change and be factored into the rules. These considerations are listed because they differ from how the current RP Works. This list is not conclusive. Moving the RP into Season two would have plenty of effects, and mean several rule changes, but the biggest ones are listed below. Everything listed here is subject to change. Below is a PREVIEW of the ruleset. It is not official, and is subject to change!

    Roleplay & Technology Rules

    All nations participating in the regional role play must adhere to these rules.

    Background & Getting Started

    Welcome to THTHI! Our roleplay is centered around two planets, Kalrania and Durraki, both within the same solar system. In order to hop in, you must request a map spot on one of the two planets. Contact Antekuna via telegram or discord, they will get your territory set up. This is explained in detail in the dispatch below.


    Now here is some background information.

    • 7 IRL Days = 1 RP Year. LinkClick here for the Current RP Date.

    • The Kalranian Solar System is split between two factions, the Kalranian League of Nations, and the Durraki Union. The two factions are constantly in conflict, competing for power and resources. Details about both factions can be found in the dispatches below.

    Expected Conduct

    • No spamming, flaming, name calling, or baiting.

    • RP posts are the equivalent of your nation speaking, keep the posts official and mature.

    • RP Posts should avoid explicit references to real-life entities. We are on Kalrania and Durraki, not Earth.

    • Nations may set their RP population to any number equal to, or lower than their NS population. Nations may not set their RP population to any number greater than their NS population.

    Post Formatting

    • All RP posts must be labeled, with one of two labels. RP Posts should be labeled "KRP", for nations residing on Kalrania, or that are a part of the Kalranian League of Nations. RP Posts should be labeled "DRP" for nations residing on Durraki, or that are part of the Durraki Union. The post label should be followed by the title of your post, which should indicate what the post is about. All RP Posts should be done in-character (as your nation). When in RP, you are no longer you, you are your nation. Like the following:

    KRP: This post will concern the proper way of formatting RP posts for Kalranian nations

    Candensia would like to take the time to show the nations of Kalrania how to format their posts. This is an example of how to do so. We would appreciate it if other Kalranian nations formatted their RP posts like so. Thank you.

    DRP: This post will concern the proper way of formatting RP posts for Durrakian nations

    Candensia would like to take the time to show the nations of Durraki how to format their posts. This is an example of how to do so. We would appreciate it if other Durrakian nations formatted their RP posts like so. Thank you.

    • Out of roleplay posts are to be titled "OOC" (Out of Character) or "OORP" (Out of Role Play). You may refer to yourself in OOC posts. Like this:


    Hey! Isn't talking out of character fun? I certainly think so!

    Faction & Military

    • Upon choosing a planet when selecting a map spot, you will automatically join one of the two factions, The Kalranian League of Nations, or The Durraki Union.

    •Membership in one of the two factions is mandatory.

    •Nations may join ONLY one of the two factions.

    • Additionally, there are roleplay restrictions put on both factions.

    • Nations may RP ONLY with members of their faction. Nations may RP with members of the opposing faction ONLY in contested areas designated by RP Moderation.

    • Nations may RP ONLY in areas controlled by their faction, or in contested areas designated by RP Moderation.

    • Nations may not declare war on members of their faction, and may not wage war against their own faction.

    • Finally, there are military-specific rules.

    • Nations are not allowed to posses military space fleets. Military space fleets are controlled by faction governments.

    • ONLY nations selected by their faction government as a "Commander" may RP with Faction Military Forces.

    • Nations may not wage war against the opposing faction, unless they are a designated "Commander" nation. Nations under attack by an opposing faction may defend themselves.

    • Nations may maintain their own militaries.

    Political Parties

    • Political parties function as power and voting blocs within both of the two main factions.

    • Through political parties, nations within each faction work to secure power in the faction government, and work to advance the goals of their political party.

    • Nations may create political parties for their faction, which may not interact with nations or parties of the other faction. Additional rules are explained in the dispatch below.


    • No God-modding, all RP actions must be carried out with time for nations to react to your posts. For example; assassinating another nations' leader is fine, but you need their permission first. Legions of tanks and airplanes should not descend upon your enemies without warning. Post something that signals your intent. (And make sure your attack is legal under faction rules!)

    • Other Examples of God-modding include

    • Saying what happens to others. "I just killed 500 of your troops!"

    • Refusing to take losses or lose. Ever. "Oh, well, my soldiers had personal forcefields so none of them were actually hurt. "
    (This is Godmodding, because the situation will degenerate into a petty squabble over who hit who. RP Intelligently.)

    • Irresponsible/Unfair Tech Use Tech should be used to enhance the roleplay, it should not detract from anyone's enjoyment. No seal-clubbing. Follow Technology Rules (Explained Below.)

    • Excessive Army Size. Self-Explanatory. Avoid throwing millions upon millions of soldiers around as if they were small ants- soldiers are people. Troop counts must not exceed your nations' troop limit, which is explained below.

    • Very Fast Military Units. The Kalrania system is a big place. Troops take time (multiple posts) travelling anywhere. Forces cannot appear out of thin air, or "instapop" out to where an opponent is.


    • Fluffing is not allowed in the RMB RP, some forms may include;

    • Troop Fluffing - The use of insane, immensely large troop numbers without also RP'ing the implications of such numbers on your own nation's economy, workforce, logistics, etc. (If you want to use big, multi-million man armies, you are also going to have to deal with big problems that come with that.)

    • Money Fluffing - The use or spending of ridiculous amounts of your national currency without exploring the economic RP implications of such an action. (Yes, I also want to spend 3 trillion moneymarks on super-projects, but such an action comes with consequences.)

    • Stealth Fluffing - Stealthy units are harder to detect, they are not invisible. Utilizing a force made up entirely of stealth units makes them neither invisible, nor cost effective. Using stealth units as a means to render your forces invisible is both Stealth Fluffing as well as Godmodding.

    • Tech/Magic Fluffing - Technology or magic that is legal under the Technology Rules, but still allocates an absurd or unfair advantage to your nation is Tech/Magic Fluffing. If your technology or magic allows you to, among other things, ignore any damage or incoming fire from enemy forces it is both Tech/Magic Fluffing and Godmodding.

    • Party Fluffing - Claiming to be in a political party any nation(s), without having proper RP Posts to back it up. Political Parties must have a charter document, and must be listed as an official party.


    • Custom technology is allowed.

    • A dispatch/ factbook is to be written for any custom tech, explaining its strengths, weaknesses, and uses.

    • All technologies must adhere to Technology Rules.

    Military Sizes

    • All military sizes will be determined by stats from the following calculation.

    •Your Population times 0.62, times 0.12

      So if Candensia has a population of 1 billion, Candensia would multiply their population by 0.62, and then multiply that number by 0.12

      1 Billion times 0.62 is 620 Million

      620 Million times 0.12 is 74.4 Million.

    • The Result of that calculation will then be multiplied by 0.25, 0.33, or 0.40, depending on the nations' population

      • Nations with a population of 5 Million to 999 Million will multiply their answer by 0.40

      • Nations with a population of 1 Billion to 2.99 Billion will multiply their answer by 0.33

      • Nations with a population of over 3 Billion will multiply their answer by 0.25

    So Candensia will multiply their answer, 74.4 Million, by 0.33, since Candensia has a population of 1 Billion.

    74.4 Million times 0.33 is 24.5 Million. Therefore, Candensia has a military size of 24.5 Million.

    • All military weapons, units, and technologies must adhere to Technology Rules.

    Roleplay Moderation

    Roleplay Moderators watch over the regional roleplay to ensure it maintains a safe, fair, and welcoming environment. They will void any roleplay posts that do not adhere to this standard. All nations are obligated to comply with any requests from Moderator. Be nice to them, they are volunteers, and they don't (usually) bite. If you have any questions, flag a Moderator down by sending them a telegram or a message on discord.

    Current Moderators

    Terra Voltera (Also our founder)



    Rumanian States

    Evve Terre



    Technology Rules

    This is a short guideline regarding role play technology in this region, the following rules (and moderators) are there to ensure technology used by nations in this region are practical and feasible as well as not overpowered. Nationstates Issues are not applicable in the regional RP, the choices you make on them do not affect your nation RP-wise.

    Regarding weapons of mass destruction:

    ALL WMD's ARE BANNED. This may include, but is not limited to the following;

    • Nuclear Weapons

    • "Futuristic" WMD’s

    • Chemical Weapons

    • Bio-Weapons

    • Magical Superweapons

    RP Moderators reserve the right to declare ANY technology, or derivative thereof illegal, in order to promote RP stability, fairness, realism, or for other reasons laid out in the Roleplay Moderation section of the RP Rules.

    Other than that have fun and express your creativity, and consult RP Mods if you have any questions!

    Original by Unified Korrodia Edited by New cadaria and Candensia
    Reformatted by Arkhall

    Read dispatch

  • Nations may only join ONE faction. They may not join both.

  • The Alliance System will be scrapped. In its place, a political party system with virtually the same structure. Instead of submitting an alliance charter, nations will submit party platforms, and receive official status from there.

  • Nations ARE allowed to have militaries, however they may not declare war on their fellow faction members. ONLY nations, either elected or appointed to "Commander" positions will be allowed to RP actions taken by the League of Nations Navy or the Durraki Planetary Union Navy.

  • There will be large government structures in both the LoN and the DPU, and nations will be elected or appointed to these positions by members of each faction. These positions will differ in role and responsibility.

  • Nations may RP ONLY with nations within their faction on the RMB. LoN with LoN, DPU with DPU. Cross-Faction RP may ONLY happen during RP Events planned and carried out by the LoN and DPU governments.

  • Nations are allowed to RP on a wide variety of topics with their fellow faction members, so long as they do not pertain to military matters. Technological advances are allowed in member-nations of the LoN and DPU, but they should not be revolutionary, or be related to the military.

  • Nations are allowed to RP in space, and on other planets. However, nations may ONLY operate on planets owned by their faction. For example, LoN nations may RP actions taken on Luna, Kalrania's moon. Nations MAY NOT operate in areas NOT controlled by their faction.

  • Nations will be given an opportunity to switch to Durraki, from Kalrania, if the desire to do so.

  • Tech levels are assumed to be futuristic, but no overly so. Interplanetary travel is possible through use of fusion engines, and travel times are assumed to be at most 1 RP year (7 IRL Days).

    • Remember that multiple, public votes will be held on this plan, and the government will do its upmost to answer any questions from the public. Rule changes will happen before any implementation, and will be presented to the public for review. Ample time to wrap up RP will be given before any Season 2 RP reset.