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SD | Roleplay Mechanics



  1. The regional map dispatch sets out the basic rules for claiming and moving land on the regional map, subject to change by the Cartographer.

  2. The Commissariat for Cartography is in charge of ensuring realism in roleplay, and is empowered to make judgements pertaining to the validity of roleplay actions it deems overpowered or otherwise unrealistic.

  3. Each week in real life is equal to one month in roleplay. Users are requested to try and label their posts with accurate dates.

  4. All nations engaging in roleplay are asked to take the time to make a Wikipedia-style factbook about their nation. An excellent template for a Wikipedia-style factbook is available here.

  5. The Commissariat for Cartography may make subjective and arbitrary decisions to ensure realism and proper roleplay; not all regulations can be included in this dispatch.

War Mechanics

  1. To participate in roleplay conflict, a nation must have a military dispatch defining their nation's arsenal, forces size, and military budget along with any other relevant information.

  2. Any conflict must first be explained and justified in a roleplay post before any conflict can begin. The opposing nation must be given a chance to respond to the declaration of war in the same fashion, and once both nations have done so the conflict may begin.

  3. Invasions may take place in one of these four forms: land invasion, aerial invasion, naval invasion, or proxy wars.

  4. To conduct a land invasion, the conflicting nations must share a border, or a bordering nation must give permission for troops to pass through their territory.

  5. To conduct an aerial invasion, any nation may send air troops to the territory of another nation regardless of their proximity - however, a nation may only aerially invade the closest province of the target to their nation. This means that until the province in question has been won by the invading nation, no further provinces may be invaded by air.

  6. To conduct a naval invasion, the target must be directly accessible by sea from the invading nation. Naval invasions can only target coastal provinces.

  7. Proxy wars are wars between nations not conducted in either nation's territory. To conduct a proxy war, the provinces fought over must fit one of the above qualifications to be invaded.

  8. Nations may use any combination of invasion types during a war. The winner in each province is determined by retrieving a random number from 1 to 10, and multiplying it by each nation's defence forces score; the nation with the highest score wins the province in contention.

  9. The nation who wins the province may thereon invade any bordering province to the one they have conquered by land, or move on to the next closest province to their nation by air.

  10. Weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), defined as nuclear, radiological, chemical, or biological weapons which cause significant loss of life, are prohibited for use in roleplay.


  1. Technological advancement shall be determined by multiplying a nation's Scientific Advancement score with its Economy score.

    • A score of 30,000 or above gives access to technology available five years in the future;

    • 25,000 or above gives access to all technology available in the current roleplay year;

    • 20,000 or above gives access to technology available five years earlier;

    • 15,000 or above gives access to technology available ten years earlier;

    • Lower than 15,000 gives access to technology available fifteen years earlier.

  2. Nations are required to roleplay only using technology available in their advancement category.

  3. Nations are encouraged to create factbooks detailing their nation's technology, in line with their advancement.

  4. The Commissariat for Cartography is empowered to regulate technology, ensuring nations do not employ unrealistic figures, and may invalidate roleplay that is deemed over-powered or does not fit a nation's technology score.

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