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Official RP Alliances

Official RP Alliances & Unions Information

Background & Requirements

Official RP Alliances are alliances which are extant in the RMB RP, and are officially recognized and able to operate as an alliance in the RMB RP. Official alliances receive recognition by the region, and are shown on the alliance map. Anyone wishing to create an RP Alliance must ensure their alliance meets and remains in compliance with the following rules.

To be/continue to be recognized as an official alliance, An alliance must;

Have at least two members.

Remain active. (At least two members must be active in the RMB RP)

Have a written charter or founding document, explaining the agreements and obligations between member nations.

Regarding Charters

All official alliances must have a written charter, and it must signed by all nations within the alliance.

A template for a charter document can be found in the dispatch below. Copy/Paste/Edit at your leisure. (Individuals from other regions should contact Candensia for permission, and provide proper credit.)

In order to use the template, follow these steps.

Click on the link dispatch.

Scroll to the bottom of the page.

Click on the "Raw" button.

Copy the entire dispatch.

Paste into a new dispatch.

Edit as required.

Alliance Name Here

[img]Link a logo here[/img]

Charter of (Alliance Name)

Charter Preamble

(Preamble Here. Mission Statement or purpose of your alliance. Ideals listed here are held in high regard by all nations party to the charter.)

(Alliance Name) Charter

Article One: (Title of Article One)

i: Point relating to Article One.

ii: Point relating to Article One.

(Alliance Name) Charter

Article Two: (Title of Article Two)

i: Point relating to Article Two.

    a) Subpoint.

    b) Subpoint.

    c) Subpoint.

ii: Point relating to Article Two.

iii: Point relating to Article Two.

iv: Point Relating to Article Two.

(Alliance Name) Charter

Article Three: (Title of Article Three)

i: Point relating to Article Three.

ii: Point relating to Article Three.

iii: Point relating to Article Three.

(Aliance Name) Charter

Article Four: (Title of Article Four)

i: Point relating to Article Four.

ii: Point relating to Article Four.

(Aliance Name) Charter

Article Five: (Title of Article Five)

i: Point relating to Article Five.

ii: Point relating to Article Five.

Signed by

(Nations signatory to the charter. Tag them.)
Read factbook

Some additional tips to remember when writing an alliance charter.

Remember to use official-sounding language, lest your charter and alliance sound uninformed.

If your alliance requires members to come to each other's defense, make sure that is explicitly mentioned. Alliance members are bound by the charter. If it's not in the charter, they don't have to do it.

Make sure your charter details how prospective members can join the alliance, as well as how members can leave (or if they can leave).

Make sure all members within the alliance sign the charter.

Finally, Here is an example of a fully-written Alliance Charter.

Official Alliance List

Below is a list of officially recognized alliances in THTHI's RMB RP.

The Nationalist League (TNL)

Type: Ideological Economic-Military Alliance

Charter: The Nationalist League Charter

Members: Blayredeshia, Ponticianre, The Atomic Schism. Conglagateia, Amelasy

The Kalranian Internationale (INT)

Type: Ideological Economic-Military Alliance

Charter: The Kalranian Internationale Charter

Members: The Gatisland, Kynthes

West Marlandor Pact (WMP)

Type: Economic-Military Alliance

Charter: WMP Charter

Members: Doge Land, Nonadia

The Accord

Type: Defensive Military Alliance

Charter: The Alyssian Charter

Members: Khosrau, Elpadia, Schwypia, Rumanian States, Dwarf Land4, Archron Empire, Basaran, Northern New Solingarch, Artaecus, Rekken, Aritius

League of Tyranny (LoT)

Type: Ideological Alliance

Charter: League of Tyranny Charter

Members: Exsorcial, Evve Terre

Kalranian Federation (KF)

Type: Ideological Federation

Charter: Kalranian Federation Charter

Members: Luwuia, Great Eastern Esta, Kavastor

Dispatch authored by Candensia