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DRF-TWC Neutrality Pact

The Lorania-TWC Neutrality Pact

ACKNOWLEDGING that the Lorania holds embassies with The Wolf Clan.

UNDERSTANDING that Lorania is not a member of of the Wolf Kingdom.

CONSIDERING the position of Lorania on the world stage being that of friendly relations with multiple regions independently and the number is ever increasing.

RECOGNISING that TWC is a powerful region that has unfriendly relations with some regions (see Black Book)



  • May open embassies with regions in TWC's Black Book

  • May not betray TWC within the embassy

  • Should not make prejudices based on relationship with TWC

  • Should not get involved in TWC's business, unless needed

  • Will not be forced into making a decision over which region to support in a row

  • Will not declare war on TWC territories

  • Will stay neutral and independent, unless it is voluntarily changed


  • Can warn Lorania of opening an embassy with a Black Book region

  • Can't enforce threats on Lorania because of an embassy with a Black Book region

  • Can mildly influence a decision made by Lorania (ie. opinions)

  • Is free to open embassies with regions that Lorania holds a grudge against

  • Can't force Lorania to make a decision over which side to support in a row

  • Will respect Lorania and its choices

  • Can threaten to take action if betrayed by Lorania

Foreign Secretary of Lorania

South ccanda
Prime Minister of Lorania

Alpha Wolf
Emperor of The Wolf Clan

Prime Minister of The Wolf Clan