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Roleplay Post Guide & RP Mentors

Roleplay Post Guide

This dispatch details ways to create, format, style, and improve your roleplay posts. This guide is catered to the roleplay style of The Hole to Hide In, so these rules are not necessarily universal.

Getting an Idea

Deciding what to post about can sometimes be a difficult endeavor. Luckily, there are a number of topics instantly available to any nation participating in the Regional Roleplay.

If you need an idea for a roleplay post, it may be best to simply comb through recent posts from other nations. If they do something noteworthy, or otherwise attract your attention, have your nation comment on the action, as national governments commonly put out statements regarding events that take place outside of its own borders.

The majority of roleplay posts on the RMB either

• Respond or comment on the actions of another nation.

• Detail an occurrence within your own nation.

If you'd rather detail an occurrence within your own nation, then the exact topic you'll be posting about will be up to you. However, the topic should be something that would conceivably be of international interest, or at least that of your own government. Common internal RP's include;

• Elections and/or transitions of power.

• Noteworthy criminal activity and/or terrorist activity.

• Natural disasters.

• Internal conflict, civil wars, protests.

• Internal government reports.


It's important to ask; "In which time frame should I write?" The answer never definitive, but here is some advice to keep in mind.

• Roleplay posts should, as a general rule of thumb, be written in either the past tense, or the present tense. Here's a simple example.

Past Tense

RP: A Response from Candensia

Candensian officials sent a letter thanking Da huaxia, following its gracious offer for an official state visit by Candensian dignitaries.

Present Tense

RP: A Response from Candensia

Candensian officials have sent a letter thanking Da huaxia, following its gracious invitation for an official state visit by Candensian dignitaries.

• Avoid the future tense, as it has a tendency to create situational ambiguity regarding actions that have been taken (past tense), or are being taken (present tense), versus actions that will soon be taken. (future tense). Skilled writers are not barred from using this tense, as long as posts are still of a high-quality.

Adding Detail & Improving Quality

Here's where the majority of your brainpower should be spent- adding detail and improving quality. There are many ways to accomplish this, but here are some things you should consider;

• Expand your sentences, and make them descriptive and interesting, but ensure they do not drag.

• Include differing reports or opinions within your post. Consider retelling the story in a slightly different way to match the opinion of a given speaker.

• Ensure your post carries a formal tone, such a tone usually will, intrinsically and by nature, boost the quality of a post.

• Make sure your post is not only legal, but also realistic. If a post departs with reality, then all verisimilitude goes out the window, and readers will (subconsciously or otherwise) roll their eyes. Realistic posts bestow credibility upon a writer and capture the collective attentions of readers.

So let's take a look at our RP Post from earlier, and make it better.

RP: A Response from Candensia

Candensian officials have sent a letter thanking Da huaxia, following its gracious invitation for an official state visit by Candensian dignitaries.

An RP Post like this does its job, and is pretty clear, but it's also extremely thin. We can improve this by elaborating and providing context for this post, and we can also make it sound a bit more realistic and less out-of-the-blue. Observe.

RP: A Response from Candensia

Candensian News Network

Reports coming from government sources indicate that Candensian officials have sent a letter thanking Da huaxia, following its gracious invitation for an official state visit by Candensian dignitaries. This move follows weeks of talks between the two nations, which, as of recently have been experiencing friction as it relates to international trade.

Shortly after rumors of a potential state visit began to fly around Alriora, Minister of Trade Ariana Grant confirmed suspicions and made the following statement on the steps of the trade ministry;

Statement by the Trade Minister

"Trade talks with our counterparts from Da huaxia have been extremely productive and fruitful. Da huaxia remains a vital trade partner of Candensia. It is my belief that this recent invitation for a state visit reinforces the goodwill coming from both sides to resolve our somewhat tense, but entirely healthy trade relationship. It is my hope that such a visit will only strengthen our partnerships as talks continue. Thank you very much."

Specific details regarding the upcoming state visit by Candensian officials to Da huaxia, including the date and venue, are not yet known, but these details are likely to be answered by the Candensian Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Foreign Relations, and the Office of the Monarch as they are decided.

Your News, Candensia and Beyond, this is the Candensian News Network.

A lot more in-depth, right? An RP Post like this does exactly the same thing as the smaller, original one we started with, but a reader knows far more about the situation, and can make an equally detailed response using it.

Other Considerations

Yep, there's a whole bunch of other stuff anyone writing an RP Post should know about, let's go through some major ones.

First off, context. Context is extremely important, particularly if you are responding to the post of another nation. If no context is provided, it may be extremely difficult for readers to know what your RP post is based off of, or even who you are talking to.

In order to establish context, you should do the following whenever possible.

• Quote any relevant posts that give your own post context and clarity.

• Tag nations to provide emphasis for your intended audience. If your post is directed at Rumanian States, for example, make sure you tag them (Rumanian States).

Next, some rules regarding pronouns. RP posts should be written from the perspective of your nation, so all in-character (aka RP) posts should comply with the following;

• Avoid I, he, she, him, her, etc. You are roleplaying as your nation, so when detailing the actions of your nations as a whole, keep things in the third person, and most definitely not personal. If you allocate a gender to your nation, ensure this gender is consistent and consistently used throughout. If you are RP'ing a specific character within your nation, these pronouns are fine where appropriate.

• When detonating possession, avoid his/hers. Use an apostrophe or "their" instead. The explanation for this is the same as the above point.

Next, a favorite: spelling and grammar! Here are some things you should do as it relates to this topic.

• Proofread. Make sure everything makes sense, and is coherent.

• Check your spelling. Make sure everything in your post is spelled correctly. If you aren't sure of the spelling of a word, your answer is just a google search away.

• Check your punctuation. Make sure all of your sentences have punctuation, and are punctuated correctly.

• Eliminate run-on sentences. If a sentence just keeps going and going, it's going to tire the reader, consider breaking it up with commas and/or other punctuation.

While this may not be the most exciting of tasks, the effort you put forth here to improve readability will make you appear a lot smarter and intelligent to the reader. You get out exactly as much as you put in.

Finally, one last point, though it may be the most important of all.

• Make sure your post is legal according to the RP Rules!

Roleplay Mentors & Awards

Roleplay mentors are nations which, through consistant high-quality RP posts, have earned the distinction of being named an RP Mentor.

The Roleplay Mentor Team

Roleplay Mentors are selected by an internal process within the Roleplay Moderation Team. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, you need only participate in the regional roleplay, and provide consistently high-quality RP posts.

The current Roleplay Mentor Team consists of the following nations.

Head Roleplay Mentor


Roleplay Mentors

Redpeppers | Khosrau

Responsibilities & Tasks

Roleplay Mentors have several responsibilities that come with their prestigious positions, including;

• Ensuring their own RP is of very high quality.

• Assisting other RP'ers in improving their own roleplay posts, through answering questions, giving explanations and other helpful advice.

• Assisting the Cartographer and Roleplay Moderation in monitoring the activity status of nations involved in the regional roleplay.

• Handing out the Monthly Mentor Award to nations which distinguish themselves with high quality roleplay posts.

Monthly Mentor Awards

Roleplayers who show distinction through high quality roleplay posts, and remain active in the RP throughout a given month are eligible to receive a Monthly Mentor Award from the Mentor Team. The Award is handed out on the first (1st) of every month.

• One MMA will be handed out per Mentor. (Additional MMA's may be handed out by the Founder at their own discretion)

• Mentors may choose the same person to receive an MMA.

• Mentors may choose a fellow Mentor to receive an MMA, but they may not choose themselves.

Monthly Mentor Award Recipients

March 2019


Awarded by Da huaxia

Statement from Da huaxia: Elpadia demonstrates that he/she can pull from many different sources of inspiration. Every sentence is made with purpose in order to provide more information in elaborating the scenario and scene for the reader. Much like a well-crafted lasagna, each layer is laden with more to keep you begging.

The Atomic Schism

Awarded by Kaisar Federalist

Statement from Kaisar Federalist: Good post formatting. Your lengthy, detailed posts have helped to grow our community.

The pan-dimensional dankistani seekers

Awarded by Kowenian States

Statement from Kowenian States: The excellent style and attention to detail present in their posts have kicked up activity, as have the unique topics they explore, and have kept numerous nations involved in their roleplay.

Sao vicent

Awarded by Candensia

Statement from Candensia: Sao vicent utilizes a unique style in order to create a compelling roleplay. Their roleplay is as unique in style as it is in presentation, and the themes they tap, such as sports, are rarely executed in such great detail.

April 2019

The chongan

Awarded by Da huaxia

Statement from Da huaxia: The chongan demonstrates a great improvement over their writing style and have also shown their consistency in their improved writing. From representing the nation in multiple perspectives in eloquent pieces to short concise messages, The chongan demonstrates clarity and nuance in their writing.

Upper invictum

Awarded by Terra Voltera

Statement from Terra Voltera: Upper invictum shows a great deal of attention to their RP and have helped bring RP activity back up from a lull. Their posts are well thought out, and I'm looking forward to seeing where they go from here.


Awarded by Terra Voltera

Statement from Terra Voltera: Schwypia has shown that they are able to craft compelling stories and situations that draw-in the reader. The attention to detail evident in their posts is a testament to their dedication to THTHI's regional roleplay.

May 2019


Awarded by Da huaxia

Statement from Da huaxia: "... The exceptional creativity of the various World Cup events offered a dynamic example of worldbuilding as well as engaging numerous nations in the region through imaginative means in an otherwise politic and war-heavy board..."


Awarded by Terra Voltera

Statement from Terra Voltera: Redpeppers promotes a greater sense of participation between roleplayers in THTHI. Their RP is often receptive to, and accommodating of, newcomers on the world stage, which displays their respect for THTHI.

June 2019

Rumanian States

Awarded by Khosrau

Statement from Khosrau: Rumanian States has repeatedly displayed a high degree of quality in their posts. Their RP includes many nations, which helps to boost activity and build the region. They also goes into great detail about their, and other nations, which makes their roleplay great to read and easier to react to.


Awarded by Redpeppers

Statement from Redpeppers: Shoq promotes roleplay other than merely conflict, and elaborately so. From Shoq’s diplomatic statements to their Fisherman’s Festival, their RP invites others to interact as well as promotes a sense of creativity.

July 2019


Awarded by Redpeppers

Statement from Redpeppers: Demira presents a very unique RP style, and frequently supplements this with detailed maps and charts. These assets promote a great deal of creativity in Demiran roleplay, and promotes others to do the same.


Awarded by Khosrau

Statement from Khosrau: Evacasia's posts almost always go into great depth about their RP actions, and always provide a great deal of detail. They weave a narrative that is fun to read, as well as react to.

August 2019

Archron Empire

Awarded by Redpeppers

Statement from Redpeppers: Archron Empire's attention to detail, and excellent post formatting make for an excellent reading experience.


Awarded by Khosrau

Statement from Khosrau: Schwypia displays fantastic quality in their roleplay posts, both in war and in character development. Their RP has covered a variety of topics, and has done so excellently.