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Requesting a Map Spot and Role Play Maps

Requesting a Map Spot
Before you may begin RPing in THTHI, you must first be placed on the region's map. This dispatch is designed to walk newcomers through that process, as well as answer some potential questions they may have.

Map Request Rules

Despite there being an entire dispatch dedicated to it, the actual process of submitting a map request is rather simple and shouldn't take much time. However, it's important to remember a few key rules:

  • You may claim either one or two map tiles.

  • If you claim two map tiles, they must either be connecting or have coastlines that are nearby each other.

  • It is forbidden to have more than one nation controlled by a single player on the map. If you wish to RP as a new nation, you must first have your old nation removed from the map.

Submitting a Map Request

There are two main ways to submit a map request:

You may either:

  • Send the region's Cartographer (currently Antekuna) a telegram disclosing your requested map location.


  • Join THTHI's Discord and claim your desired land in the aptly named #map-requests channel.

While the first option doesn't require leaving the comforts of NationStates, the second will guarantee you a quicker response time and is more convenient if you are already a part of THTHI's Discord (which if you haven't yet joined, I recommend you do)

Once your request is submitted and the Cartographer has added you to the map, you may begin RPing.


Question 1: My nation was removed from the map! Why is that?

Answer: Our region has an inactivity policy. If you fail to write an RP post in 15 days, your nation is removed from the map. Don't worry about being removed without notice, though; we do our best to notify nations a day or two before they reach that point.

Question 2: I just finished winning a war with my neighbor and want to take some land from them as part of the treaty, can you add it to my nation?

Answer: That depends. Annexation is currently allowed, but only under specific circumstances.

Question 3: I'm no longer happy with my map spot and want to move somewhere else. Can I?

Answer: Of course, you are free to submit a new map request to relocate your territory. You cannot, however, relocate while at war with another nation, as that could be abused by those looking to foil an enemy invasion or assist an allied one.

Question 4: I requested that my nation have a custom name and it was rejected. Why?

Answer: Nations are listed on the map the same as they are on NationStates. This is done to make it easier for both role players and roleplay moderators to identify who is who.

Political Map

Diplomatic Map


TNL: Members of The Nationalist League
INT: Members of The Kalranian Internationale
WMP: Members of the West Marlandor Pact
The Accord: Members of The Accord
KF: Members of the Kalranian Federation
LoT: Members of the League of Tyranny
Nonaligned: Nations who have either pledged neutrality or have yet to choose a faction

Oceanic Map

Dispatch authored by Antekuna and revised by Kuriko

The Isolationist Realm of Antekuna