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The DRF 200 Days/End of Year Awards!

On 16th November, The Democratic Republic Of Freedom passed the landmark of 200 days, and this happens to coincide (by a temporal stretch of the imagination) with the end of 2018, our year of founding. A lot has happened in the last 7 months and with the occasion comes the four awards for nations who have made outstanding contributions to the region. It must be said, however, that this was by no means an easy decision and every nation in this region deserves an award for general awesomeness. That said, without further ado, here are The Democratic Republic Of Freedomís 200 Days/End of Year Awards!

Biggest Contribution to Regional Life: Zweites Preussen
Our third Prime Minister, Zweites Preussen has given nothing but positive contributions to the region - the DRF Space Programme RP was their brainchild, they implemented the Consul Triumvirate, which has proved invaluable in making decisions, and they are constantly working with the region at the front of their mind. A thoroughly deserved award for one of the DRFís most influential nations.

Most Active in Regional Government: Abbots
While sometimes controversial, Abbots is certainly active in the region. Whether itís contributing heavily to our IRL-country RP, helping other regions through THE DRF DEFENSE UNIT or just saying a lot on the RMB, life in the DRF would look a lot different without (delete as appropriate:) Daddy War Chief Big Brother Abbots. Also thoroughly deserved for a nation that throws itself wholeheartedly at any task or problem itís presented with.

Biggest Contributor to Change in the Region: Skundi
I think itís fair to say that The Democratic Republic Of Freedom would be very different if it had never been founded - thankfully, it has, and we of course have Skundi to thank for that. The region has proved a great home for fledgling nations looking for a small home and experienced players alike, and throughout our entire history, Skundi has been one of our most active players, constantly committed to making the DRF the best it can be. My personal NS mentor, I would find it hard to think of a more deserving nation than Skundi.

Most Influential New Nation: Eugene1
In a rush of new nations a few days before the most recent election, Eugene1 joined in straight away with the RP, voted in the election and landed a position in Regional Government. They have since been constantly active and have now fully settled into the region. Hereís to a bright future for Eugene1 in The Democratic Republic Of Freedom, and another greatly deserved award.

By Matroyska, Prime Minister of The Democratic Republic Of Freedom.

The Friendly Nation of Matroyska