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Basic RP Rules

1) RP Ministry
1- We outline the RP Ministry as being a cabinet whose goal is to Moderate the RPs of the Region.
2- The RP minister is appointed by the Speaker and approved by the Assembly .
3- The RP Minister then may appoint himself Moderators below him to ease the task of managing the RPs of the region.
4- the RP minister as well as the President and the Vice President by default as Moderators with this privilege being revocable in the case of misuse on the President and Vice President if the trial is properly conducted by Judge with them being guilty of misuse of the power.
5- A moderator is a person who has authority over the RP to void, or by definition nullify the actions of others, for rule-breaking or other malicious actions. Moderators are there to step in in the case of players disagreeing over something in RP, be in battles or other events, and the Moderator must then decide what will happen.

2)Etiquette of RP

1- Bunnying is defined as “Bunnying is taking control of another player's character [Nation] during roleplay” this also extends to determining the results of your actions. So you would say you were launching a missile at Detroit rather than saying a missile hit Detroit. Bunnying is never acceptable and is a voidable and punishable action.
2- Godmodding is defined as making your nation or character to powerful that it can not be beaten either through sheer numbers or unreasonable technology or tactics. This is voidable and punishable by law.
3- The Location of your nation may be changed, but all previous canon RP must be reset as well as land claims, or land conquests and accusations previously made in the former nation.
4-Wars can't be fought without content. We don't have war to be PvP-like situation, in this case, make the most care to try and tell a story than to have your nation be the most powerful.
5-A battle is defined as an engagement of men, any unit size, against one or more other groups. To start a battle one faction must declare a battle will start in this situation the parties involved then must decide who will win before the combat begins. They must take into consideration all the variables and way them appropriately. If they can not decide together then a moderator will decide the result of the battle.
6-We do not use NS stats in RP since that gives an overwhelming advantage to older players and disadvantage to unplayed puppets new players. Instead, it is recommended you make a Factbook with your RP stats with the minimum amount of information being the active numbers, reserve numbers, equipment numbers, locations of operation. Once a war has started it is required you have one so it best that you have one prepared beforehand and that you update it to reflect your losses and gains.
7- Invading NPC nations or nations that aren't claimed is restricted. Only in the event of worldwide events than can one of these things happen. Additionally, nations in areas that aren't claimed will not be interacted and aren't considered when worldbuilding and for conquest. Nations that don't exist: historical nations like a Persian Empire, the US, or the Romans can be interacted with in your history so long that they meet with the already established canon.
8 - A player may not have more than 2 puppet nations and they can't be of the same ideology nor allied.

To join Brannackian's long nation RP history you must have the following complete:

1. Confirm your nation either being WA or PMing to a government office from your WA to confirm your puppet's legitimacy.

2. Have a clear selected area on the map approved by the RP Mods

3. Have a Factbook that fits into the Brannackian Community and includes but is not limited too: government, population, history, leaders. In the beginning, you are required to have: a population number representative of the area your claim is in, a government type, a leading name, a full and short nation name, and a Factbook with at least 3 paragraphs of more information. All previous nations already on the map are exempt from this rule (As of 8/1/2020 and before this time). However, all nations are expected to update and expand their Factbook.

Upon completing all of these and approval from the RP mods you can join the regional nation RP.